(PART 57)


>>> "Pure Von Peinian manure. The only way it works is if ... 1.) You ignore what those three men [Williams, Arce, and Lovelady] said about LHO wanting to come down on the elevator." <<<


Jimbo has Meagher Disease here. He thinks that it's totally impossible for Lee Harvey Oswald to have been the liar in this "elevator" regard.

After all, Oswald would never have had any reason to actually tell a lie, would he Jim?

If the elevator had been stopped to allow Oswald to get on, then it's fairly obvious as to what would have happened -- Oswald would have ridden down to the first floor and then he would have taken the elevator right back up to the sixth floor again.

Either that--or Oswald would have suddenly decided he wasn't quite ready to go downstairs for lunch after all, and would have told the others to go on down without him, and to close the gate on the elevator after they got to the first floor.

Same result either way--Oswald would have been lying to his fellow Book Depository workers about really wanting to go downstairs to eat lunch. Except in the first hypothetical example, it really would have been better for Oswald's plans, because via that scenario, Oswald HIMSELF would have ridden the elevator back up to the sixth floor (and he then would have kept the gate open, to lock it on Floor #6).

Yes, Oswald could have utilized that very same plan when Charles Givens went back up to the sixth floor to get his cigarettes. He could have ridden down with Charlie and then taken the elevator right back up to the sixth floor. But he didn't do it that way, opting instead to have Givens send the elevator back up (which Givens was unable to do, because when he got to the first floor, the elevator that had the capability of being sent back up by itself was not on the first floor).

The exact thoughts that were going through Oswald's head regarding the TSBD elevators can never be known for certain. But one thing IS a certainty -- Lee Oswald definitely was anxious to get that elevator sent back up to him on the sixth floor. And the reason for that is quite clear -- he wanted to freeze it on the Floor Of Death.

>>> "2.) You ignore the testimony of four witnesses who then put him [the saintly Mr. Oswald] downstairs." <<<

And you ignore Howard Brennan, who puts Oswald in the sixth-floor sniper's window with a gun at 12:30.

Oh, that's right! Brennan never even attended a police lineup, did he? Howard was Liar #12,244 in this plot, a plot which had every human in Texas trying to frame poor hapless Lee Harvey.

>>> "3.) You ignore BR Williams and his testimony about being on the Sixth Floor alone at 12:20." <<<

Your Meagher Disease is showing through again, Jimbo.

The fact that Bonnie Ray Williams didn't SEE Lee Oswald on the sixth floor shortly before 12:30 is somehow proof that LHO was not up there at all, eh Jim?

Think again.

>>> "DVP...has Terminal McAdams Disease and he didn't get the pills I sent him." <<<

You should have sent them via REA. I would have gotten them by now. :)

>>> "You and VB lost this Davey and the fact that you have to deliberately omit and distort key evidence proves it." <<<

You're the one distorting the sum total of the evidence, Jimbo my man.

The Warren Commission, however, had something that all conspiracy mongers
lack -- common sense.

And common sense (coupled with the physical evidence plus Oswald's own "I'm Guilty!" actions on the day of the assassination) told the Warren Commission that the timelines provided by certain TSBD witnesses were never going to mesh together perfectly. How could they mesh together? Nobody was staring at their watches to note the times they got a glimpse of Lee Oswald on November 22nd.

Heck, if the timelines of the Oswald sightings by the TSBD witnesses had been in perfect harmony with each other (in a way that allowed Lee Oswald to be on the sixth floor at 12:30), without any discrepancies between those witnesses, I can just hear what the reactions of the conspiracy theorists would have been to that kind of "in harmony" testimony:

The conspiracy kooks would be griping that the witness testimony cannot possibly be trusted because it's just TOO PAT AND PERFECT. Ergo, all of the witnesses were liars.

That's not too far off from the way Jim D. approaches this case anyway. Jimbo has got more liars in the JFK case than there are stars in the heavens.

David Von Pein
September 2010