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What a bunch of garbage (again) from Jim DiEugenio [in the post that used to be linked above, but is no longer there because John Simkin deleted all of Jim DiEugenio's pre-2013 posts at The Education Forum].

If there were, in fact, as many "C2766" Mannlicher-Carcano rifles floating around as the conspiracy nuts and screwballs claim, there would be a stream of conspiracists coming forward with this "Aha!" evidence. We'd have C2766 rifles up to our ears (or at least to our knees).

FACT -- Not ONE C2766 MC 91/38 rifle has ever surfaced other than Oswald's rifle (CE139).

CTers like DiEugenio can't even figure out that Oswald ordered C2766 from Klein's. Instead, Jimbo has to pretend, as usual, that ALL of the paperwork linking Oswald to the rifle purchase has been faked. And even the C2766 rifle has been faked according to Jimbo--by "substituting" a C2766 rifle for Jimbo's imaginary C2766 rifle that never existed in the first place.

And please take note of Liar #12,345 on DiEugenio's list of liars --- it's the late Dr. John K. Lattimer. Jimbo thinks Lattimer lied to John Canal in late April of 2004 in an e-mail.

The list of liars is literally endless in DiEugenio's delusional world.


Jimmy DiEugenio has my weak bladder working overtime with his C2766 nonsense.

Jimbo actually thinks that with all of the THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of JFK assassination "researchers" and buffs and amateur sleuths around the whole world, that we'd have a hard time coming up with EVEN ONE additional C2766 Mannlicher-Carcano 91/38 rifle (if one exists--which it doesn't and never did, of course).....even though Jimbo claims that SOMEBODY DID JUST THAT when they "substituted" one "C2766" for another one in 1963 to frame Oswald.

BTW, AFAIK, not only hasn't any other MC 91/38 "C2766" been unearthed by anyone since 1963 (other than Lee Oswald's CE139), but there hasn't been a single MC rifle with ANY duplicate serial number ever produced by anybody -- whether the serial number was "C2766" or "F6709" or "G541" or whatever number.

IOW--There's not a speck of proof (even with Sucher's comments in CE2562) that ANY two Carcano rifles ever had the exact same serial number.

Of course, the whole idea of a "serial number" in the first place is to make that item a UNIQUE one when compared to all others of its kind. So, if Purvis is correct about there being possibly up to "40 or 50" MCs with C2766 on them, what the heck is the purpose of stamping ANY gun with a "unique" number at all? You might as well just not stamp any number on the things. It'd be worthless. Esp. for firearms--i.e., an item that could potentially be involved in crimes that the police would need to trace (such as on 11/22/63).

Anyway, I'm still waiting for some CTer anywhere to produce any two MC rifles with the exact same serial number. And I don't care whether it's C2766 or another number. Just show us that the Carcano factories produced TWO rifles with the same identifying number. To date, no such luck.

Plus -- Even if 100,000 additional C2766 MC rifles were discovered tomorrow, it wouldn't make a bit of difference with respect to the evidence in the JFK murder case.

How come?

Because it was OSWALD'S C2766 rifle that we know was the weapon that fired the bullets that killed President Kennedy, "to the exclusion of ALL OTHER WEAPONS", including ALL OTHER WEAPONS that conspiracy theorists think have the serial number C2766 stamped on them. We KNOW that--beyond all doubt. (Except if you're in CT-land with Mr. Jimbo.)

And please note "Lie #2" that DiEugenio is attaching to Dr. John Lattimer--the "Thorburn" stuff.

Well, Jimbo, the Thorburn Position is not a "lie" at all. Lattimer didn't just make it up. It's a reflex position related to spinal cord injuries that dates back over 100 years.

I don't happen to agree with Lattimer's and Posner's views on JFK assuming the Thorburn Position. I really don't think it matters one bit whether he's in that Position or not. The key is: JFK is obviously reacting to being shot at the time he's raising his hands up. But Lattimer certainly isn't a liar when it comes to Thorburn's. It's an opinion. Not a lie.

And Lattimer's "lapel flip" is not a lie either. I happen to agree with that theory. Although it is also quite possible that the wind that was blowing quite briskly in Dealey Plaza at 12:30 was a contributing factor to the lapel flip (or "bulge") too, because it's quite clear that the right side of Connally's coat is moving around at Z222 [see Zapruder Film clip below], which is before I think Oswald's bullet struck him at Z224.

Other people have suggested, however, that the SBT bullet is actually striking Connally at Z221 or Z222, which (I admit) is possible. But I think Z224 is still the correct SBT frame.

But Oswald's CE399 bullet is certainly the most reasonable and believable explanation for why Governor Connally's coat bulges significantly outward at exactly Z224, which is 1/18th to 2/18ths of a second before a whole bunch of physical changes begin to occur in John B. Connally.

And, yes, the bullet hole in the front of Connally's jacket is not in the lapel and is much lower than his chest/nipple exit wound.

But the movement of the right side of his jacket is more of a BULGE (as Dale Myers explains it), vs. just the lapel flipping up. The bullet struck the right side of Connally's jacket. There's no doubt about that fact. And we see the right side of his jacket BULGING outward at the exact moment the bullet is striking the Governor.

The math's pretty easy on this one. Except for an anti-SBTer like James DiEugenio, of course.

Anyway, who's next on your Liar's List, Jimbo? Rachel Oswald?


David Von Pein
September 8, 2010