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>>> "There simply is no credible evidence that the throat wound was an exit for the back wound." <<<


There is plenty of evidence that indicates the throat wound was an exit for the upper-back entry wound, with probably THE BIGGEST piece of common-sense "evidence" for this being the fact that NO BULLETS at all were found in JFK's whole body. Plus, there's the lack of any substantial damage to Kennedy's upper-back and neck (except for some bruising of the top of the right lung and the pleural cavity).

There's also the OUTWARD-pointing fibers on the front side of JFK's shirt. And the previously-mentioned bruising of the lung and pleura certainly indicate that the bullet which caused such bruising was passing very swiftly by the lung and pleura.

In other words, if a bullet had completely STOPPED inside JFK's neck, it's very likely that the bruises that were found inside JFK's back and neck at his Bethesda autopsy would not have been there at all.

Hence, that bullet was travelling at a fairly high rate of speed as it passed (but did not directly strike) the top of the lung and upper pleural cavity.

And, to emphasize the obvious once again -- If one bullet did not pass clean through President Kennedy's body, it means that TWO bullets must have entered from opposite directions -- with one of those missiles going into his throat from the front (and fired from where exactly, btw? The conspiracy theorists don't usually say); while a second bullet entered the President's upper back.

And NEITHER of these two bullets exited JFK's body! Why on Earth didn't EITHER of these two bullets exit the other side of JFK's body? Do conspiracists think the two bullets COLLIDED head-on inside Kennedy's neck or something? (I'm surprised that some CTer hasn't purported such an insane theory. But, to date, I don't think I've heard that one theorized.)

It's simply not reasonable to think that TWO bullets would have entered Kennedy's neck and back and then have both bullets stopping dead in their tracks inside JFK's body. And then the bullets (which should have been INSIDE Kennedy at the autopsy) just disappear. Silly beyond all belief.

But what's not silly when all the evidence connected to JFK's wounds is taken into consideration is the Single-Bullet Theory -- especially when the perfectly logical and reasonable SBT is compared to the absurd "Two Bullets" scenario I just laid out above.

In the final analysis, the only people who have a "Magic Bullet" in the JFK murder case are the conspiracy believers. In fact, they don't have just one Magic Missile -- they've got at least TWO. Those two being the two bullets that "magically" went into Kennedy but didn't exit, and then vanished.

I guess the shooters were firing spitwads at Kennedy through a plastic drinking straw, which is why their hopelessly weak TWO bullets didn't go into JFK's body more than a few inches on either side.

This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes about this topic, which was uttered by a fellow LNer named "Bud" in 2006. When discussing the SBT and the possible anti-SBT alternatives with some of the assorted conspiracy nuts at the alt.conspiracy.jfk newsgroup, Bud said this:

"The assassins choose bullets that inflict non-lethal, 1-inch-deep wounds?
Instead of feeding JFK to lions, they decided to nibble him to death by ducks?"
-- Bud; April 1, 2006

And most conspiracy theorists (such as Jim DiEugenio and many others) actually have a THIRD "magic" bullet -- the one they say went into Governor John Connally that was NOT Commission Exhibit No. 399 (or so the conspiracy believers say). So there's yet another bullet that vanishes off the planet after entering the body of a Dealey Plaza victim.

The anti-SBT crowd is hopeless. They refuse to see the truth and rationality of the Single-Bullet Theory....even after seeing the two victims reacting to that bullet hitting them at the exact same time in the Zapruder Film.

David Von Pein
September 2010




"The Single-Bullet Theory, in addition to being grounded in the known evidence surrounding the case, is also based on a whole lot of regular, ordinary common sense as well. No "Anti-SBT" scenario has ever come close to matching the Warren Commission's Single-Bullet Conclusion in the "Evidence" department. Nor has any alternate theory come close to equalling the SBT in the "Reasonable", "Workable", "Believable", and "Common Sense" categories as well. The Single-Bullet Theory FITS. The Single-Bullet Theory WORKS. The Single-Bullet Theory is RIGHT." -- David Von Pein; March 2007


"It's a straight line....it [the Single-Bullet Theory] is the only way it COULD have happened." -- Dale K. Myers; 2004


"Coming up with a believable and reasonable conspiracy-endorsing alternative to the Warren Commission's single-bullet conclusion is something that simply cannot be done. And that's mainly because the SBT is obviously the truth. And when you try to dismantle the truth and replace it with some kind of half-baked, incoherent "alternative theory" (such as the "TWO BULLETS WENT INTO JFK AND NEVER EXITED AND THEN DISAPPEARED" claptrap), you're not likely to find the alternative to be nearly as compelling (or reasonable) as the truth." -- David Von Pein; September 1, 2010


"With respect to the second shot fired in Dealey Plaza, the "single-bullet THEORY" is an obvious misnomer. Though in its incipient stages it was but a theory, the indisputable evidence is that it is now a proven FACT, a wholly supported conclusion. .... And no sensible mind that is also informed can plausibly make the case that the bullet that struck President Kennedy in the upper right part of his back did not go on to hit Governor Connally." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Pages 489-490 of "Reclaiming History"


"As can be seen in Warren Commission Exhibit No. 903, the "Single-Bullet Theory" trajectory works just fine. In fact, it works absolutely perfectly. Which would be virtually impossible if MULTIPLE bullets had actually done the damage to the two victims (JFK and John Connally) that the Warren Commission said was very likely caused by only one single bullet (CE399). .... In short: CE903 = S.B.T. PERFECTION!" -- David Von Pein; March 26, 2007