(PART 4)


How did Officer McDonald know that Oswald was the suspect when his name was never disseminated on the DPD radio system? I have all the transmissions that day, have listened to them numerous times, but I can't for the life of me figure out how he knew how to call out "Oswald" when he entered the theatre.


Where did that conspiracy myth about Officer Nick McDonald come from?
I'd never heard that one before. Must be a new myth from the CT vine.
McDonald never called the name "Oswald" when he entered the theater;
and that's because the name "Oswald" was not known by any of the DPD
officers at the time of LHO's arrest.

The police got a tip from Julia Postal's phone call. Postal (with
Johnny Brewer's info at the ready too) told the police that a
suspicious-acting man had entered the theater, with Postal also
telling the police "This man is running from them for some reason".

But the name "Oswald" was most certainly never mentioned by Postal,
Brewer, or anyone else until after the police had Oswald in custody
and seated in a police car.

So, the DPD had all the info they needed to act on Postal's tip. They
knew a man who was acting in a suspicious manner had gone into the
theater. And this was just a few blocks from the Tippit murder site
(and just a few minutes after that murder).

McDonald didn't know the suspect was "Oswald" by name when he
encountered him in the theater. The suspect was pointed out to
McDonald and the other officers by Johnny Brewer. But Brewer certainly
didn't say the name "Oswald" to anybody.

Why in the world would ANYONE (other than Oliver Stone) find the above
chain of events leading to Oswald's arrest the least bit strange or
mysterious or conspiratorial in any fashion whatsoever?

I wonder if Oliver Stone thinks Postal and Brewer were co-plotters

CTers....a strange (empty) lot indeed.


And I still can't figure out how Oswald had three wallets either; maybe you could explain that. That's a lot of wallets for one person, wouldn't you agree?


Yeah. But you've got three heads, don't you? (And none of them
contains a working brain that can process information accurately. So,
strange things happen sometimes. Go figure.)

BTW, even if the "extra wallet" on 10th Street WAS Oswald's (and I
think it was probably Tippit's and not LHO's), how does this extra
wallet being found WHERE WE KNOW OSWALD SHOT AND KILLED TIPPIT somehow get Oswald off the hook for that murder on Tenth Street?

A "planted" wallet? Why? What the heck for? There were many witnesses
watching Oswald shoot Tippit, and there were the shells from Oz's gun
left behind too. Why the need to plant any wallet? That idea is just
too goofy for further discussion.


It is amazing how a witness who said, beyond a doubt, he could pick out the sixth floor shooter, failed to do so on the day of the shooting, huh?


Not at all. Howard Brennan fully explained all of that in his WC
testimony and in his earlier FBI interviews. But, naturally, CTers
don't want to accept Brennan's "I Feared For My Life And The Safety Of
My Family" explanation. So, per CTers, Brennan is a teller of tall

It was lucky for Howard, though, that his initial descriptions (via
affidavit and to the police for the APB bulletin) just happened to
generally match Oswald. After all, Brennan could have initially said
he saw a black man in his 60s with a bushy beard firing a gun at JFK
that day, couldn't he have?

And, given the brain-free nature of the bumbling Patsy-Framers who the
CT-Kooks think were arranging the assassination, I'm kinda surprised
those bumblers DIDN'T utilize a black man in his 60s to "double" as
Lee Oswald in the window.


It is amazing how a fully metal jacketed bullet acted like a hollow point bullet that day, isn't it?


And yet the "hollow point" bullet still (somehow) managed to RETAIN
ITS POINTY-NOSE STATUS after striking the bones in John Connally and
making its way onto that stretcher (per some CTers who think Tomlinson
found a "pointy", INTACT bullet inside Parkland Hospital).

Amazing, huh? CTers think that CE399 could never in a million decades
do what LNers and the WC and the HSCA say 399 did to the two victims
in 1963....and yet, somehow, some way, this "pointy-tipped" bullet
that many CTers think was the "Real" bullet found by Tomlinson was
able to cause extensive bony damage to Connally....without even
crushing the pointy tip of the bullet.

How'd that happen, Mr. Conspiracy?

Or was the "pointy" bullet a "plant" too?

If so, your team of plotters/planters just got dumber (if that's even
possible). They plant a bullet that can't possibly be tied to their
"Patsy", and then have to switch the bullets later.

Why not just NOT plant ANY bullet? That'd make much more sense. But
when you've got to make up ridiculous accusations about planted
evidence, you know that such a scenario can never make any sense. And,
of course, it doesn't. Not even from the "CTer" POV.


It is amazing how one cab driver says LHO was in his cab, but never picked him out in a lineup.


You're goofy. Whaley positively identified Oswald as being the person
who was in his cab on November 22, 1963. Let's have a look:

WILLIAM WHALEY (To the WC) -- "I knew he [Oswald] was the right one as
soon as I saw him [in the police line-up]."


Also, there's the added fact that Lee Oswald admitted to having ridden
in a cab on November 22.*

* = You see, Oswald didn't ALWAYS lie to the police after his arrest.
His many, many lies (logically so) centered mainly on his whereabouts
at 12:30 PM and when he was questioned about the assassination itself
and the topic of Oswald's guns.

But the cab ride wasn't important enough for him to lie about, so he
didn't lie about it. Same with the bus ride. He admitted to that too.
Plus, the paper bus transfer in his pocket provides ironclad proof he
was on McWatters' bus on 11/22/63.

And, btw, the cab ride is an interesting topic for multiple other
reasons as well....in that it is circumstantial evidence, itself, of
Oswald's guilt on November 22. And that's because Oswald was a
tightwad/cheapskate/skinflint of the first order.

I doubt, in fact, that you could find one other example of LHO
spending his cash on a taxi ride within the United States. And he
certainly never spent his money on a cab ride JUST TO GO HOME FROM
WORK. (I do believe, though, that he rode in a few cabs while he lived
in Russia.)

Also -- If Oswald were innocent of killing Kennedy....WHY WAS HE IN

He walks PAST a perfectly-good bus stop right there at Elm & Houston
and walks several blocks east on Elm and gets on a bus in the middle
of a block that he normally would not have gotten on to take him to
his lodgings on Beckley Avenue in Oak Cliff.


And then he's in such a hurry that he only stays on the bus approx.
four minutes or so and gets a transfer from driver Cecil McWatters
(which, btw, might mean MORE wasted money down the drain for el-cheapo
Oswald IF he doesn't use the transfer in the allotted timeframe, which
he might NOT do at all that day, since he decides to switch
transportation modes entirely and get in a taxi cab instead of getting
on another Dallas bus).

Why the big hurry to get out of downtown Dallas IF HE'S COMPLETELY

And then, even though he's obviously in a pretty big HURRY (to get
home?), he has cab driver William W. Whaley drive him BEYOND his
roominghouse at 1026 N. Beckley, with Whaley dropping Oswald off in
the 700 block of Beckley (at Neely & Beckley).

Obviously, Oswald didn't want Whaley to drop him off right in front of
his roominghouse. Why, if he's got nothing to hide at all?


Five witnesses place him [Oswald] in a Nash Rambler.


Five witnesses? Name one, besides Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig.

BTW, the late Roger Craig was a LIAR. I don't usually come right out
and call people "liars" (even CTers who love to bend the facts every
day of the week)....but Mr. Craig is an exception. Why? Because of his
blatant lie about actually seeing the words "7.65 MAUSER" stamped on
the rifle that was found by Boone and Weitzman on the Depository's
sixth floor. That was a total LIE, plain and simple. No way Craig saw
any such thing stamped on Oswald's Mannlicher-Carcano.

Of course, the whole "Oswald Got In A Rambler" story is proven to be
the bunk it is with just one good look at the OTHER evidence that
proves Oswald was getting on a bus at that precise time (about 12:40).

Or did the driver of the Rambler suddenly get mad at his co-
conspirator and throw Oswald out of the station wagon, leaving Lee to
his own locomotion devices for the rest of the afternoon?


It is amazing how two witnesses place him [Oswald] on the first floor, while at the same time, people on Elm Street see someone that looks like him on the sixth floor, isn't it?


Who besides Carolyn "I NEVER SAID A WORD ABOUT SEEING OSWALD IN THE SECOND-FLOOR LUNCH ROOM UNTIL 1978" Arnold said they saw Oswald on the first floor around the time of the assassination?

Carolyn Arnold, btw, gave multiple FBI statements shortly after the assassination. In one of those statements [Commission Document No. 5], she said she might have caught a glimpse of LHO on the first floor shortly before the assassination. But in another FBI statement [CD706], Arnold never said anything about seeing Oswald anywhere in the building on November 22.

But in NEITHER of those FBI statements did Mrs. Arnold say anything about seeing Oswald sitting in the SECOND-FLOOR lunch room, alone, eating his lunch. She made up that tale for Anthony Summers fifteen years after the assassination.

So much for Carolyn Arnold's credibility.

When talking about additional sightings of Oswald on the FIRST floor shortly before 12:30....are you talking about Eddie Piper? Or Bill Shelley?

Well, if so, you'd better re-think that CT strategy. Because neither of those witnesses can possibly rescue your beloved Saint Oswald. Not at all. Or have you thought up a new "1st-Floor Witness" to help clear the dear, sweet patsy?


Isn't is amazing that 5' 10", 165-175 describes Malcolm Wallace rather than Lee Harvey Oswald?


Back to Malcolm again, eh? Similar to gum on the ol' shoe, Mac just kinda sticks there, doesn't he (for CTers without anything ELSE to rely on anyway)? He sticks there, even though no TSBD workers who were working on the 6th Floor on November 22 saw any "strangers" in the building that day. Nor did any other TSBD workers (except possibly one old man being seen on the FIRST floor, but certainly not the sixth floor).

So, apparently Wallace now looks so much like Lee Harvey Oswald that Howard Brennan actually was totally FOOLED by Malcolm's presence in the 6th-Floor window, huh?!

Mac MUST have been an excellent "Oswald Look-alike" indeed.

David Von Pein
October 2007