(PART 3)



"With respect to the Kennedy assassination, once you establish and
know that Oswald is guilty, as has been done, then you also
necessarily know that there is an answer (whether the answer is known
or not) compatible with this conclusion for the endless alleged
discrepancies, inconsistencies, and questions the conspiracy theorists
have raised through the years about Oswald's guilt." -- Page 953 of
"Reclaiming History"


"Priceless quote."


Yeah....I thought so too. (That's why I posted it...yet again.)

Here's another VB gem that never fails to elicit a smile:

"Waiting for the conspiracy theorists to tell the truth is a little
like leaving the front-porch light on for Jimmy Hoffa." -- VB; Page
xiv of "Reclaiming History" (c.2007)


"What arrogance [Bugliosi displays in his JFK book]."


The truth hurts conspiracy theorists. It has for 44 years. It must be
awfully discouraging for the conspiracy lovers to come up empty in the
"Raw Physical Evidence" department, decade after decade. 44 years
later and lookie what bullets and ballistics evidence are on the table
-- Only Oswald's.

That's some great proof of a multi-gun assassination "conspiracy" that
nearly all CTers place their blind faith in, huh? (Criminy.)

Vince is arrogant. You're 100% right about that. But I love his
arrogance. And that's because he's got ample REASON to display such
arrogance toward the rabid JFK conspiracists of this world. The
theories and "plots" that have purported since 1963 are simply
ridiculous....or, as VB puts it, they are just "pure moonshine".

How anyone can possibly look into the JFK case for more than just a
few days and come away with a "There Must Have Been A Conspiracy"
mindset is just totally beyond my thinking.*

* = But, then again, I don't go around 24/7 accusing everybody in
Officialdom of performing illegal acts with respect to the
investigation of a murdered U.S. President. Call me silly, but that's
the way I am. And I'm not about to change that common-sense philosophy
just because Ollie Stone filmed a crazy 3-shooter, 6-shot, ONE-PATSY
assassination scenario for Warner Brothers in 1991. (Ya GOTTA love
that one for impossible-to-pull-off murder schemes!)


"The way he [Bugliosi] thinks has nothing to do with thinking at all,
and he has dealt with the evidence against Oswald bass ackwards."


You must be high on copious quantities of Goofy Gas to say such a
silly thing re. VB's "evidence" against Lee Oswald.

Bugliosi has laid out so much raw physical and circumstantial evidence
against this nutcase named Oswald, it would make ANY prosecutor's
mouth water non-stop for a month.

There have been few murder cases in the last 100 years that have left
behind such a popcorn trail of evidence (both physical and
circumstantial) leading to the ONE AND ONLY killer.

And if you want to take the normal "bass ackwards" tack that
conspiracy promoters often like to take (i.e., pretend that all of the
massive amount of evidence against Oswald has been faked and/or
manipulated by evil-doers both before and after 12:30 PM on
11/22/63)....then you'd better make an appointment to see Dr. Bob
Hartley (or another well-respected phychologist or phychiatrist of
some ilk), because the standard, unsupportable "Everything's Been
Faked" mantra is nothing but a cop-out that CTers use because THERE'S

When you've got no evidence at all that shows other killers besides
Oswald murdered both JFK and J.D. Tippit, then (obviously) the
conspiracy-adoring clowns of the universe have no choice but to go
down "Everything Was Fake" Avenue.


"So most of us are NOT buying the W.R. [Warren Report] conclusions
about who Oswald was and what he supposedly did."


Gee, there's a shocker, isn't it? Somebody who thinks something
"shady" was going on with an official Government investigation.

The "9/11 Was An Inside Job" Internet Forums are also filled with such
mentally-bankrupt kooks. It's built-in with many people. It's the
"Nothing Is Ever What It Seems To Be" syndrome.

I wonder if conspiracy theorists regularly argue that Sharon Tate
WASN'T killed as the result of a conspiracy. The way the "CTer" mind
works (i.e., topsy-turvy and usually wrong), it wouldn't surprise me
greatly if that's what they think.


"My God, he [Saint Oswald] was MURDERED before our very eyes, and gee,
even the blind-to-conspiracy people have contrived a way to deny


When somebody with some common sense reflects upon the initial knee-
jerk (and expected) reaction to Oswald's murder at the hands of Jack Ruby,
then the obvious flaws in the "Mob Rub-Out" theory--or ANY "rub-out" type
of theory--amply present themselves. Flaws such as:

1.) Does the Mob usually kill their "patsies" on LIVE TELEVISION in
front of millions of witnesses and in front of 70 police officers (so
that the patsy's killer--who is probably the biggest snitch/
blabbermouth in the state of Texas--has no hope of escaping)?

2.) Does anybody with a lick of common sense actually think that Karen
Carlin was "involved" in this "plot" that CTers believe was behind
Oswald's murder? CTers who buy into a "Ruby plot" must think Mrs.
Carlin WAS a key plotter, because it was her phone call to Jack Ruby
at 10:19 AM on November 24th that prompted Ruby to go downtown and was
the main reason why Ruby was in the exact area of the City Jail at
just the right time to bump off Lee Oswald.

3.) And can any reasonable person actually believe that the "plot"
involving Ruby was so intricate and detailed that it involved getting
Carlin to call Ruby at just the proper time on Sunday morning (which
was actually AFTER Oswald was already supposed to have been
transferred to the County Jail)....and then the "plot" involved Ruby
taking his beloved dog ("Sheba") with him on his "rub-out"
assignment....and then the intricate murder plan (somehow) involved
Ruby going into the Western Union office near the City Jail, where he
waits behind one customer -- and what if it had been SIX or SEVEN
customers? Would Fritz & Co. have "stalled" for 10 or 15 more minutes
until Ruby was done sending his stripper that $25?

4.) Ruby sent his Money Order to Carlin at 11:17 AM on November 24th.
He killed Lee Harvey Oswald at 11:21 AM. Pretty tight on the "Mob"
timeline/schedule, wasn't it?

5.) And part of Oswald's delay in being transferred was brought about
by OSWALD HIMSELF....he wanted to change an article of clothing at the
last minute. And, being the fair-minded writer that no CTer thinks he
actually is, Mr. Bugliosi gives BOTH versions of the change-of-clothes
scenario in his book....with one version being that Oswald himself
asked for the clothing change. And the other being a version which has
DPD Captain J. Will Fritz offering Oswald the clothing change.

On Page #267 of "Reclaiming History", Bugliosi writes......

"11:10 a.m. [Sunday, November 24]...Fritz realizes that Oswald is only
clad in a T-shirt. "Do you want something to put over your T-shirt?"
he asks. "Yes," Oswald says."

I suppose some CTers probably think that Captain Fritz was a prime
"conspirator". But to think that Fritz, a 30-year DPD police veteran,
was a part of some kind of conspiracy to "silence" his prisoner is to
believe in a silly fairy tale that would have had Fritz intentionally
subjecting his very own police department to public ridicule for years
to come, due to a Presidential assassin being killed right inside the
Captain's own police station while surrounded by dozens of armed
officers. That's a theory that is just plain loony.

Also....with respect to Ruby killing Oswald, Bugliosi offers up the
following humorous simulated conversation between Ruby and one of his
co-plotters (appearing on Pages 1143 and 1144 of VB's JFK book)......

"Vito" is talking to Jack Ruby -- "Jack?"

Jack Ruby says --"Yeah, Vito?"

Vito -- "One last thing before I go. We have to make real sure that
Oswald is killed, in fact, right on the spot. We can't afford to have
him last for even a minute. So make sure you don't aim at his head. In
fact, don't even aim at his heart. Shoot him in the belly, Jack.
That's the quickest way by far to kill him right on the spot."

Jack -- "Okay, Vito, anything you say."


"The only thing more biased than Bugliosi himself are his sycophantic
supporters who post on every forum and newsgroup imaginable, as if
they were on some gov't payroll."


That's odd....I thought I was the only one supporting VB so loudly. I
certainly haven't run into any other super-ardent VB supporters. In
fact, at the Internet locations I visit, very few people seem to care
too much about Vincent's book at all (either LNers or CTers).

But, anyhow, I'm more than happy to sing VB's pro-LN praises. Because
after 21 years of wading through the sickening (but laughable)
conspiracy theories of Lifton, Horne, Groden, Garrison, Stone, Marrs,
Vary-Baker, Waldron, and Armstrong (among many others)....Vincent
Bugliosi, in my opinion, deserves HEAPS of admiration and kudos! (For
the aggravation brought on by reading such conspiracy-flavored tripe
for years on end, if for no other reason.)


I always find it quite humorous when "Assassination Sensationalists"
(to borrow a nifty phrase for "CTers" penned by Warren Commission
counsel member and author David Belin) show all kinds of indignation
toward "LNers" (i.e., reasoned-thinking lone- assassin believers)....as
if the wholly-unsupportable conspiracy theories that are continually
and fervently embraced by these "sensationalists" are deserving of
even the slightest bit of attention and/or respect. It's hilarious.

Every single thing that solo assassin Lee H. Oswald did (both before
after after 12:30 PM on Friday, November 22nd, 1963) screams "Guilty
Presidential Assassin" (and more-than-likely "Guilty Alone" as well).

From HIS (Oswald's own) rifle being found on the sixth floor of the
Book Depository 52 minutes after JFK's murder....to the bullet shells
from HIS own gun being found under the killer's window....to bullets
from HIS own gun being found in the LIMO ITSELF and in the hospital
where the victims were taken....to HIS fingerprints all over
everything in the very spot where the assassin fired at the President
(including that EMPTY paper sack, which had no logical explanation for
being where it was found after the assassination)....to HIS own crappy-
as-all-get-out escape plan (walking, bus, cab, more walking/
running)....to HIS killing of Officer Tippit in front of multiple
witnesses just 45 minutes after JFK was gunned down from right in
front of HIS own working establishment....to HIS provable lies that he
uttered to the police after his arrest (an arrest that occurred while
HE -- Mr. Oswald -- tried to gun down additional cops in the Texas

Gee, I wonder how anybody could POSSIBLY come to the conclusion that
this guy -- Lee Oswald -- did anything against the law in Dallas on
November 22, 1963?

Reprise --- Criminy!

I'll close this post with another VB quotation:

"In the Kennedy case, I believe the absence of a conspiracy can be
proved to a virtual certainty." -- Vincent T. Bugliosi; Page 973 of
"RH" (c.2007)

David Von Pein
October 2007