(PART 349)


The issue has been raised that the bullet or missile may have been a fragment of a bullet or missile. This seems highly unlikely since Sibert and O'Neill were professional enough to know the difference between an entire bullet and a small fragment.


Here's a helpful hint for Gil and Walt (and all other assorted conspiracists) regarding the Sibert/O'Neill "missile":

The "missile" handled by Sibert and O'Neill on November 22 consisted of very small FRAGMENTS of metal removed from JFK's head -- fragments only.

How do we know this for an absolute ironclad fact?

2 reasons.....

1.) Dr. Humes, et al, were searching desperately during the autopsy for a bullet (or bullets)--ANY signs of a bullet or bullets!--inside JFK's body. They found none. Zero. Zilch. Only the small fragments in the head. Nothing else. Nothing.


2.) No whole "bullet" (or nearly-whole bullet) was entered into evidence by Sibert, O'Neill, or anybody else connected in any way to JFK's autopsy. The only whole bullet in the entire case is CE399. Period. And that wasn't found at Bethesda.

Who exactly was responsible for sweeping this whole "missile" under the carpet, according to the conspiracy theorists? Who did this? And why?

Something besides the word "missile" would be nice to back up these unsupportable assertions of a whole bullet being recovered at Kennedy's autopsy, wouldn't you agree, Gil?

If a whole "bullet" had been found at Bethesda, then that bullet would be part of the evidence on the table in this case TODAY.

The CTers are forced to call Humes, Finck, and Boswell ALL liars in this "bullet" regard, because not one of those men saw any whole bullet at any time during their many hours doing the autopsy on President Kennedy at Bethesda Naval Hospital on 11/22/63.

The reason that none of the three autopsists testified to seeing a whole bullet during the autopsy is because no such "bullet" exists....and never did.

David Von Pein
October 14, 2008