(PART 346)


Are you prepared to explain how [Arnold] Rowland said that the security guard in the light-colored shirt was armed with a HUNTING rifle while the Warren Commission said the murder weapon was a MILITARY rifle.


Who cares? You're arguing silly little semantics issues, Walt. And you surely realize that type argument is peripheral (at most).

Rowland didn't see the rifle up close and he didn't examine the rifle in detail. But the Warren Commission, the Dallas Police, et al, DID examine the sixth-floor rifle closely.

Rowland couldn't tell if the rifle was specifically a "Hunting" rifle vs. a Carcano 1940-era military weapon. But, for some reason, Walt wants to place an extraordinary amount of significance on this one statement uttered by Mr. Rowland to the Warren Commission---

"It appeared to me to be a .30-odd size 6, a deer rifle with a fairly large or powerful scope. .... That is a rifle that is used quite frequently for deer hunting." -- Arnold L. Rowland [2 H 170]

So, per Walter, since Rowland thought that the rifle he saw on 11/22/63 "appeared" to him to possibly be the same type of rifle he had used to go deer hunting in the past, this automatically MAKES the rifle a "hunting" rifle in Walt's eyes.

But I'll remind Walt that Rowland WAS, indeed, wrong about something else that he THOUGHT was true about that same gunman -- he was wrong about the man (who was Lee Harvey Oswald, as we all know) being a "security man" (Rowland's exact verbiage there; not to be confused with Walt's slightly altered version of Rowland's words).

But since Walt (so it seems) wants desperately to believe everything that came out of the mouth of Arnold Rowland during his Warren Commission session, perhaps Walt does, indeed, want to believe that the REAL ASSASSIN on the sixth floor was a REAL security man.

So, Walt, if Rowland was wrong about the "security man" observation, why couldn't he be also incorrect about his "hunting rifle" observation as well?

In reality, of course, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference if a particular witness THOUGHT the rifle on the sixth floor was a "hunting" type rifle or whether it was some other exact kind of rifle -- because the FACT remains that the only rifle found on that sixth floor after the assassination was Lee Oswald's Italian Mannlicher-Carcano, serial number C2766.

And that FACT about the 6th-Floor rifle will never go away....no matter how much conspiracy theorists want it to disappear into a puff of (Knoll) smoke.

David Von Pein
October 9, 2008