(PART 342)


>>> "And how did she [Julia Postal] know a police officer was shot?" <<<


What difference does it make?

Unless you're prepared to go one step further down "Everybody's A
Conspirator" Avenue and accuse both Julia Postal and Johnny Brewer of
being involved in some kind of "plot" against Oswald on November 22,
the question of whether or not Mrs. Postal positively knew for certain
that a policeman had been shot nearby is a moot question.


Because Mrs. Postal called the police regardless of that knowledge,
after she had learned from Johnny Brewer that a suspicious-acting man
had entered the theater without buying a ticket, with Postal telling
the police during her phone call to them that it was her opinion (and
obviously Johnny Brewer's opinion as well) that the man who ducked
into the theater without paying was "running from them [the police]
for some reason"

But to an Anybody-But-Oswald gasbag like Rob, the information that
Mrs. Postal gave to the police over the phone (within minutes of an
officer being shot in the same general area of Oak Cliff) evidently
wasn't nearly enough of a reason for the cops to suspect that Tippit's
murderer might possibly be the person Postal and Brewer saw.

Creeps like Rob shouldn't be allowed to have access to anything
related to the murders of JFK and Officer J.D. Tippit. Rob should
stick to writing about the other really stupid conspiracy he believes
in -- the "Moon Landing Hoax". If he stuck to that idiocy, at least we
wouldn't have to see his stupid shit being spouted in here anymore.

>>> "Dave [Von Pein] is obviously NOT a math major; otherwise he would know you round up only if a number is equal to or greater than a "5". Since LHO was 24, you would round DOWN, not up. How do you get to 30 from 24, Dave?" <<<

Just when you thought Robby "King Of The Morons" Caprio couldn't get
any more ridiculous and foolish-looking -- he goes and does it.

Rob apparently thinks that witnesses like Marrion Baker, Howard
Brennan, and the 10th-Street witness who supplied the info for the
1:22 APB should have all KNOWN the exact age of Oswald when they saw
him on 11/22/63 in Dealey Plaza and in Oak Cliff, and those witnesses
should all have performed the proper "rounding off" mathematics when
calculating his approximate age for the police.

Shame on those witnesses for not adhering to the rigid standards of
"rounding-off mathematics" when giving their descriptions! Baker and
Brennan, et al, should be hung from the live oak in front of the
Depository for not meeting Rob's expectations regarding the age thing!


In one of Rob's previous posts [THIS ONE], please take note of the fact
that after Rob is proven to look like the idiot and non-researcher he most
certainly is (such as when I proved to him that an APB for Tippit's
killer was broadcast at 1:22 after Robby The Moron thought that no
such transmission was ever made by the DPD at all), the kook named
Robcap then decides to change directions and wants to know how the
1:22 APB description matches LHO in "any way".

That might just be the biggest laugh of the day, Rob! In fact, I know
it is, because my bladder's giving me trouble again. (And you ought to
know by now of its weak status.)

Rob thinks that this description DOESN'T match Lee Oswald's appearance
"in any way" as of approx. 1:15 PM on 11/22/63:

"He's a white male, about thirty, five-eight, black hair, slender, wearing white jacket, a white shirt and dark slacks."

When, in actuality, the above description is very nearly perfect for
Lee Harvey Oswald as of the time of Tippit's murder, with the
exception of the 6-year discrepancy in LHO's age; which, of course, as
I've mentioned before, is the VERY SAME DISCREPANCY that exists with
respect to OTHER witnesses who also described Oswald as being older
than 24, such as Marrion Baker and Howard Brennan.

Does Robcap think Officer Baker DIDN'T really see Oswald in the
lunchroom at about 12:32?

Baker, after seeing a person that we know WAS, indeed, Lee H. Oswald,
said that he thought the man he saw (Oswald) was about 30 years old.

But it's better for a super-kook like Rob if he just ignores that little
item regarding Marrion Baker's description of Oswald. That way, the
kook can remain in denial of Oswald's obvious guilt for another day.

Right, Robert?

David Von Pein
October 8, 2008