(PART 334)


>>> "Now are you really going to try to make us believe the cops didn't beat the shit outta him [LHO] after he alledgedly [sic] had murdered one of their fellow officers???" <<<


Doesn't look like he was beaten up too badly, does it now, Walt-Kook?:

>>> "You're outta touch with reality." <<<

Says the kook who ignores all the evidence in both the JFK & J.D. Tippit murder cases. Lovely.

>>> "How did they treat him at the theater??" <<<

He was treated a lot better than he could have been treated under those circumstances, that's for sure.

The bastard pulls a gun and pops an officer in the face, and Walt thinks he should have been treated with kid gloves.

Walt's nuts. (Naturally.)

Oswald was quite lucky he wasn't graveyard dead at 1:55 PM on 11/22/63.

>>> "Have you seen the photos of the way he was dragged from the theater??" <<<

He had just pulled a gun on the cops in the theater, Mr. Brainless.

Jesus H. Christ, were they supposed to wipe his nose, dust him off, and send him on his merry way with a mere "Don't do that again, okay?" warning?

Walt's nuts. (Naturally.)

>>> "How do you suppose those cops treated him once he was no longer in view of the public???" <<<

He was treated just fine. Take note of Chief Curry's statement near the end of his Warren Commission testimony shown below. (Curry's a liar, right Walt?):

GERALD FORD -- "You mentioned earlier there had been some allegations to the effect that Oswald had been badly treated."

CHIEF JESSE E. CURRY -- "There was---I didn't hear this myself but someone told me, I don't recall who it was, that some of the news media, I understood this was broadcast over the radio and TV."

FORD -- "Did you investigate that rumor?"

CURRY -- "Yes, sir."

FORD -- "What did you find out?"

CURRY -- "I found he had not been mistreated."

FORD -- "You checked with all the police personnel who had anything to do with it?"

CURRY -- "Everyone I knew about and the only marks on him...was a slight mark on his face up here, and this was received when he was fighting the officers in that theatre, and they had to subdue him and in the scuffle, this episode in the theatre, he apparently received a couple of marks on his face. But he didn't complain to me about it. I think he--one of the times he was coming down the hall someone asked him what was the matter with his eye and he said, "A cop hit me," I believe, or "A policeman hit me." ....

FORD -- "But not in your presence did he object to any treatment he received from the Dallas police force?"

CURRY -- "No, sir. I would like to say for the record that we are very strict on our officers in the treatment of prisoners, and we have a personnel section set up that any person who complains that they have been mistreated by the police officer, a thorough investigation is made, and if it is determined that he has been mistreated in any way, disciplinary action is taken, and on occasion we have, not frequently, but on occasion where we have found that this has been true we have dismissed personnel for mistreating a prisoner, so our personnel know positively this is not tolerated regardless of who it is."

David Von Pein
September 23, 2008