(PART 330)


Where's the proof Gil [Jesus] asked for?


And if I can't supply the name of the John Doe who physically handed Lee Harvey Oswald his rifle in late March of '63 [at the Dallas Post Office], then that means Oswald never received Rifle C2766? Is that it? And it also means that you kooks get to believe a whole bunch of crazy scenarios about the rifle, right? (Right.)

This post office argument is similar in nature to the crazy shit that conspiracists offer up with respect to the bullets Oswald placed in his rifle.

Obviously, Oswald did purchase some bullets for Rifle C2766 (since bullets from that gun were fired through that rifle on 11/22/63, with Oswald himself squeezing the trigger three times, making those three bullets come out the barrel of that gun).

Therefore, even if no other boxes of Carcano ammunition were found amongst LHO's possessions (and, granted, none were), it's a totally moot point altogether, since we know beyond every speck of a doubt that bullets fired through Rifle #C2766 did, in fact, cause the death of President Kennedy.

But CT-Kooks feel it's their duty to keep on looking under new rocks for their make-believe plots. Rabid CTers just aren't satisfied with any common-sense conclusions (like the ones reached by the Warren Commission).

That's why CTers are where they are today -- still searching for those lost car keys in the sofa cushions, even though the keys were already found decades ago.

David Von Pein
September 16, 2008