(PART 329)


The Warren Commission was intentionally designed to subvert and misrepresent the factual truths in the assassination of JFK.


Yeah, Mr. Purvis thinks that the Warren Commission wanted to pull the
wool over the eyes of everybody by making them think (falsely) that
JFK was struck by just TWO bullets from LHO and LHO's gun....instead
of the WC telling the world the REAL TRUTH (per Purvis), which was

Lee Harvey Oswald did do all of the shooting with his own gun on
11/22/63, but he really hit JFK with all three of his bullets, instead
of just two of the three.

But Purvis can't give us one single good-enough reason for the WC to
want to perform this idiotic sleight-of-hand re the death of JFK, a
sleight-of-hand that leads right back to the VERY SAME ASSASSIN and
the very same basic conclusion about how JFK was killed (i.e., 3 shots
fired, all coming from Oswald, all coming from LHO's gun, and no
frontal shots fired at all).

It's rather remarkable to look at the phenomenon of people like Thomas
H. Purvis and Robert Harris....i.e., people who have obviously studied
this assassination at considerable length (for years on end no doubt),
and who can come SO CLOSE to agreeing with many things concluded by
the Warren Commission and the HSCA....but who just can't bring
themselves to take that extra small common-sense step in order to
fully agree with the WC's ultimate (and very reasonable) findings
regarding the manner in which President Kennedy was murdered.

People like Purvis and Harris can bring themselves to the 1-yard line
of total LNism, but that extra yard to enter the endzone is just too
much of a burdensome task to cross it would seem.

And I can only wonder why?


David Von Pein
September 14, 2008