(PART 344)


The alleged murder weapon was stamped with "Made in Italy" and "CAL. 6.5" on it, making it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to confuse it with a Mauser.


Like I said the other day, Rob is totally worthless as a researcher. He fails on every level, without question. And his above statement regarding the Mauser/Carcano issue is yet another. Here's why:

EDDIE BARKER (CBS NEWS) -- "What kind of gun did you think it was?"

SEYMOUR WEITZMAN -- "To my sorrow, I looked at it and it looked like a Mauser, which I said it was. But I said the wrong one; because just at a glance, I saw the Mauser action....and, I don't know, it just came out as words it was a German Mauser. Which it wasn't. It's an Italian type gun. But from a glance, it's hard to describe; and that's all I saw, was at a glance. I was mistaken. And it was proven that my statement was a mistake; but it was an honest mistake."


JOSEPH BALL -- "In the statement that you made to the Dallas Police Department that afternoon, you referred to the rifle as a 7.65 Mauser bolt action?"

SEYMOUR WEITZMAN -- "In a glance, that's what it looked like."

MR. BALL -- "That's what it looked like, did you say that or someone else say that?"

MR. WEITZMAN -- "No, I said that. I thought it was one."



JOSEPH BALL -- "There is one question. Did you hear anybody refer to this rifle as a Mauser that day?"

EUGENE BOONE -- "Yes, I did. And at first, not knowing what it was, I thought it was 7.65 Mauser."

MR. BALL -- "Who referred to it as a Mauser that day?"

MR. BOONE -- "I believe Captain Fritz. He had knelt down there to look at it, and before he removed it, not knowing what it was, he said that is what it looks like. This is when Lieutenant Day, I believe his name is, the I.D. man was getting ready to photograph it. We were just discussing it back and forth. And he said it looks like a 7.65 Mauser."



Let's now watch as Rob tries to run as far away as possible from the actual WORDS that came out of the mouths of both Seymour Weitzman and Eugene Boone that I quoted above.

I wouldn't be surprised, in fact, if Rob even accuses me of merely inventing the words I attribute to Weitzman in the first Weitzman quote above. But anyone who has a copy of the 1967 CBS-TV "Warren Report" program can watch it for themselves.

For a solid year now, this fellow named Rob Caprio has been trying to sell the idea that "LHO shot no one" (a 2007 quote from Robby The Super-Kook)....and for a solid year he has gotten his butt trounced on every issue he's raised. Even several conspiracy theorists here have bashed him from pillar to post regarding many of the wholly inane things he continues to utter regularly. And yet Robby keeps coming back into the boxing ring for his next thrashing. A most curious hobby indeed.

Why do kooks like Rob continue to enjoy being beaten to death on every issue...every single time they open their electronic mouths?

The above question is one I do not have an answer for. I wish I did. Maybe I could write a book about it.

David Von Pein
October 9, 2008