(PART 347)



I have little doubt that SOMEBODY probably did get into a "Rambler" type station wagon in Dealey Plaza shortly after the assassination. But even if this is true (and, again, it probably is) -- so what?

The person who entered that Rambler could not possibly have been Lee Harvey Oswald. There isn't even the slimmest of chances it could have been Oswald, because Oswald was getting on McWatters' bus several blocks east of the TSBD at that time (or was very close to getting on the bus at any rate; either way, LHO was several blocks away from Dealey Plaza by the time the "Rambler man" was spotted by anyone).

But conspiracy theorists won't accept the rock-solid fact of LHO being several blocks east of the Depository as of 12:40 PM. No, they WANT Oswald to have gotten into that station wagon....so, Voila!, Oswald DID get into that station wagon.

Conspiracists ignore and/or distort so many of the known and PROVABLE facts in this case, it's too funny (and sad) for words.

For example, take Jim Fetzer and David Mantik on Black Op Radio last night (October 9, 2008). Especially mega-kook Fetzer, who never met a conspiracy theory he didn't love. Fetzer wants to believe that JFK was hit by FOUR separate bullets; and that at least two additional gunshots were fired on November 22, for a total of at least SIX shots (similar to Oliver Stone's fantasy in his movie).

Fetzer will totally ignore the PROVABLE FACT of President Kennedy being struck by just TWO bullets. The autopsy and the photos/X-rays prove this fact, of course. But those things aren't good enough for kooks like Fetzer. No, those things (naturally) are supposed to be thrown out the window, because they are "faked" or "manipulated" in some way (right down to ALL THREE autopsy doctors being rotten, worthless liars for years on end).

And Fetzer wants to believe the incredibly stupid notion that Oswald's Carcano could not have been responsible for the fatal gunshot that hit the President in the head, because, per Fetzer, the type of wounds suffered by JFK came from a rifle that was more "high-powered" than Oswald's Carcano gun.

That, folks, is called REAL DENIAL.

Fetzer totally ignores (or just throws out) all of the known and provable facts regarding the bullet evidence in the JFK murder case -- which is bullet evidence that ALL leads to only one single gun, Oswald's C2766 Mannlicher-Carcano, of course.

There are bullet fragments from Oswald's gun found in the VERY CAR in which JFK was slain.

There's CE399 (from Oswald's gun) found in the VERY SAME hospital to which the victims were taken.

There are three bullet shells from Oswald's gun found in the VERY SAME building and Sniper's Nest from which the assassin (IDed as LHO) fired three shots at the motorcade.

And the gun that links to all of the above items is found on the VERY SAME sixth floor from which the sniper (Oswald) fired that weapon.

But, according to James H. Fetzer, all of this stuff is to be tossed out the window....merely because Fetzer tells us that the wounds inflicted upon President Kennedy could not possibly have been caused by Oswald's MC C2766 rifle. Even though all of the people who looked into this case on an "official" level agreed that Oswald and Oswald's gun positively DID kill the President.

Listening to Fetzer take total control of Len Osanic's "Black Op" interview with David Mantik on 10/9/08, as he spouted one piece of conspiracy-related tripe after another (with Mantik sitting there in total, or near-total, agreement with this kook named James), was almost enough to make me lose my lunch.

The word "pathetic" came to mind about 50 times as I listened to Fetzer's and Mantik's garbage. I guess it's akin to a car wreck, though....you know you shouldn't look and should not slow down to impede the traffic flow on the highway, but you do it anyway.

Same way with listening to some of these kooks like Fetzer. I know he's going to say things that are so 100% wrong, it'll want to make a reasonable person scream, but you keep on listening anyway, sometimes just for the many laughs that result from hearing the nut regurgitate the same worn-out crap that has been debunked a million times before.

David Von Pein
October 10, 2008