(PART 86)


Here is another good one from the WR about the SS:

"The Commission concludes that the most significant advance arrangements for the President's trip were soundly planned. In particular, the Commission believes that the motorcade route selected by Agent Lawson, upon the advice of Agent in Charge Sorrels and with the concurrence of the Dallas Police was entirely appropriate...."


Yeah, it was guaranteed to get him killed by a military style L shaped ambush.


But I'll bet that conspiracy-seeking hounds like DiEugenio never batted an eyelash when they learned that President Kennedy's car completely stopped (twice!) during the motorcade through the crowded streets of Dallas on 11/22/63.

IOW -- To Monday morning quarterbacks like DiEugenio and Company, the "L-shaped" turn through Dealey Plaza (where the President's car did NOT STOP) was much much more dangerous and a much more egregious violation of Secret Service procedures than were the TWO UNSCHEDULED COMPLETE STOPS that were made prior to reaching Elm Street.

Right, Jimbo?

Yes, I know that an "unscheduled" stop is considered less dangerous by the Secret Service, because what are the odds that an assassin would happen to be right there when the President decided, on the spur of the moment, to make an unscheduled stop? But it is still a situation where the President's car has completely stopped amidst a swarm of people.

Which actually brings to mind other similar scenarios (which are never considered to be overly dangerous by the conspiracy theorists) -- like when JFK made scheduled speaking appearances all around the country (and around the world), in which he was completely stationary on a stage in front of hundreds or even thousands of potential assassins.

If the conspiracy theorists think that the Houston-to-Elm turn was so incredibly dangerous and a violation of all kinds of security rules, then why wouldn't those same conspiracists think it was also very dangerous for a stationary John Kennedy to be giving a speech--in the open--in front of thousands of potential assassins in the audience. (Did every person in those audiences have to go through a metal detector before getting in to see JFK in 1961, 1962, or 1963? I kind of doubt they did.)

And I know there were many times when President Kennedy was speaking to a huge crowd which had thousands of people (i.e., "potential assassins") seated at a much higher elevation than JFK (similar to, let's say, being in an upper-story window in a tall building along the President's motorcade route). For example, at the Orange Bowl in Miami on December 29, 1962:

BTW -- If I were to search the photos and films of JFK's pre-Nov. 22 motorcades, I'd be willing to bet I could find situations that were very similar (or even MORE dangerous) than the Houston-to-Elm hairpin turn in Dealey Plaza.

But since JFK wasn't murdered in those other motorcades, the conspiracy mongers like DiEugenio and Palamara never say a word about them.

That's called a "double standard" in my book.

David Von Pein
March 2013