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This Internet forum thread is from April 2007, and it contains the following remarks from the lips of a conspiracy kook named Walt:

"[DPD Officer M.N.] McDonald squeezed Oswald's balls and Oswald's reflexes caused him to strike McDonald. In the ensuing scuffle McDonald grabbed Oswald's hand while Jerry Hill pulled the pistol from Oswald's belt."

"Oswald never pulled his pistol."

"You lying bastarrds [sic] always embroider Oswald's arrest, by saying Oswald pulled his gun and yelled "this is it", but when the testimonies of the cops who were there are examined it's clear that nothing of the kind happened."

"We both know that a cop saying "a gun was pulled" is a evasive way of saying "Oswald pulled a gun". He [DPD Officer Ray Hawkins] knew damned well that Oswald never pulled a gun, so therefore he [Hawkins] couldn't be on record as saying "Oswald pulled a gun"...so he IMPLIES that Oswald pulled the gun by saying...."a gun was pulled". The fact that you believe it proves that gullible idiots will believe anything."

[End Quotes.]

I then offered up this comment in that 2007 discussion:

"Walt evidently thinks that Oswald had his hand on his gun just in order to push it further down inside his pants. Oz couldn't possibly have had his hand on his gun for the purpose of pulling it OUT of his pants and possibly shooting some cops with it, could he? Oz, after all, wouldn't harm a fly." -- DVP; April 22, 2007

Now, with Walt's 2007 quotes from above fresh in our minds (wherein he states his idiotic belief that Lee Oswald never pulled a revolver out of the waistband of his pants at all on the afternoon of 11/22/63 while in the Texas Theater), I'd like to offer up the following video, which consists of a segment from a CBS-TV special news program entitled "November 22nd And The Warren Report", which aired on September 27, 1964, the same day the Warren Commission's final report was released to the public.

This video features Dallas policeman M.N. (Nick) McDonald re-creating, for the CBS-TV cameras, his struggle with Oswald inside the movie theater. The part of Oswald is played by KRLD newsman Eddie Barker for the purposes of this reconstruction.

And keep in mind that these remarks being made by Officer McDonald in this video were spoken by McDonald prior to the September 1964 release of the Warren Commission's Final Report.

So this re-creation being performed by McDonald is just about as close as you're going to get to the original event itself (calendar-wise). The date of the assassination was no more than ten months prior to the filming of this CBS video (and it could have been as little as five months, per comments made by CBS' Dan Rather regarding the dates when witnesses were interviewed for the 2-hour "Warren Report" program that was aired by CBS on 9/27/64).

The segment with McDonald and Barker in the Texas Theater begins
at the 9:51 mark:

After viewing the above video, the question to ask conspiracy theorists is:

Do you think Nick McDonald was lying his ass off in that CBS news program?

And do conspiracists like Walt still really continue to believe that Oswald never had his gun pointed at McDonald in the theater?

It will be interesting to see just how far down "Everybody Was Lying" Avenue certain CTers are willing to travel with respect to the gun-wielding incident that took place inside the Texas Theater on November 22, especially after watching that video above.


At the very end of the above video, we see Lee Oswald at the police station shortly after being taken into custody on 11/22/63. And we can see Oswald's hair pretty clearly in those black-and-white video clips. And we can also see that Oswald's hair, just after his arrest, was in a disheveled condition, to be sure.

There has been much talk about how Tippit murder witness Helen Markham supposedly described Oswald's hair as being "bushy". It's debatable whether Mrs. Markham ever used that word to describe LHO's hair, but let's assume she actually did say "bushy" to a reporter shortly after the Tippit murder.

Perhaps she saw Oswald's hair in much the same condition it was in after his arrest (as seen in the above video and in the photo shown below). And while Oswald's hair isn't exactly long, perhaps it could pass for "bushy" in the eyes of some people who only saw his hair for a few fleeting moments on Tenth Street on 11/22/63.

It's possible, of course (and even quite likely, in fact), that Oswald's hair only achieved its mussed-up status after the wild brawl with the police in the theater, but it's also interesting to note this testimony of Helen Markham when she was questioned by Warren Commission counsel about the condition of LHO's hair:

JOE BALL -- "Is it your memory that his hair was bushy?"

MRS. MARKHAM -- "It wasn't so bushy. It was, say, windblown or something. What I mean, he didn't have a lot of hair."

Food for "bushy"-haired thought.

David Von Pein
September 17, 2008