(PART 332)


>>> "You do so [tune in to Black Op Radio every now and then] to reassure yourself that you are not a kook because you never believe in any conspiracy." <<<


Well, yes, I can't lie to you, Tony. You're right. ;)

Everybody needs a little "Non-Kook" assurance from time to time. And tuning in to Lenny "Bugliosi's Book Is Bullshit" Osanic's CT playground usually does the trick.

Black Op Footnote:

Here's today's "Did You Know?" fact (re: Len Osanic, whom I assumed was probably a pretty knowledgable JFK "researcher", seeing as how he hosts a 90-minute all-conspiracy Internet radio talk show every single Thursday night, and has done so for years at Black Op Radio):

Osanic, over the course of the last few months on his various radio shows, has admitted that he had never even heard of Dale Myers or Charles Givens prior to those names being mentioned by guests on his show.

Len also had no idea that the Jack Ruby 1964 "Guilty" verdict had been overturned and that Ruby was awaiting a re-trial at the time of his death in January 1967.

It's hard for me to believe that a presumably well-seasoned "JFK Conspiracy" talk-show host would have no idea who Dale Myers is (as of 2007).

And it's even more incredible that a person in Len's position would have no idea who Charles Givens is (a key witness to critical events surrounding the assassination).

I'd be willing to bet I could really trip him up when it comes to things associated with the Tippit murder. (He might even ask me: Who's Tippit?) ;)

>>> "Unfortunately the acoustical evidence is incompatible with Groden's solution of the shooting." <<<

A good, valid point. [Although the acoustical evidence that Tony Marsh still props up as being valid has, in actuality, been totally discredited itself.]

Then again, ALL the evidence is incompatible with Groden's crazy "6-to-10-shot" solution of the shooting. How could it NOT be incompatible, seeing as how three and only three shots were fired...and all from a location where Mr. Groden thinks no shots likely originated (the southeast corner window of the TSBD)?

>>> "You keep repeating this falsehood [re: Groden's "0-for-10 From The Sniper's Nest" conclusion] as if it is a badge of honor to prove that you are a WC defender." <<<

Mr. Marsh evidently can't read. It's right there on pages 20-40 of TKOAP. Plain as day. For everybody to see. Groden thinks ZERO shots likely came from Oswald's SN window. And no amount of foot-stomping by Anthony or anybody else will change what is printed on those 21 pages in his 1993 publication. Bob is stuck with that 0-of-10 silliness....in print.

That's the danger of putting something stupid like that on the printed page in book form. Even if he decides to change his mind, the stupid stuff is still in print for all time, as a reminder of his original "Zero-For-Ten" goofiness.

>>> "Of course you cite a known liar [Dale K. Myers]." <<<

You keep repeating this falsehood as if it is a badge of honor to prove that you are a CT defender.


>>> "A few inches? You think "a few inches" solves the problem?" <<<

What "problem"? There is no problem. The Single-Bullet Theory is obviously the true and accurate solution to the double-man wounding of JFK and John Connally.

As Vince Bugliosi says in "Reclaiming History" (and he's right, of course): The SBT is so obvious, a "child" could figure it out. (I wonder what that makes CTers then? They're still in the womb, probably.)

>>> "So, in your mind, it really doesn't matter if the difference was 2.5 inches or 6 inches. Accuracy doesn't matter to you." <<<

Whether the jump seat was 2.5 inches from the right door or 6 inches from it, John B. Connally is still going to get hit with that bullet that exited John Kennedy's throat -- and that's a irrevocable fact. Given the trajectory it was on after departing the President's neck, the bullet couldn't have missed JBC.

"At that angle, no matter WHERE [the bullet] came from, it HAD TO PASS THROUGH THE PRESIDENT'S BODY FIRST!" -- Albert E. Jenner, Jr.; 02/11/1967

>>> "Only a couple of people in the world still promote Bugliosi's
fiction." <<<

Oh, I imagine I could find a third (if I tried really, really hard).

BTW, Tony, did you cue up the Black Op program with Groden's bald-faced "All the Dallas doctors said there was a right-temporal entrance wound" lie?

Here's the program again.

Great researcher, that Robert G., huh?

David Von Pein
September 21, 2008