(PART 339)


Now explain how they [the DPD] used this description of the alleged shooter of JFK to arrest LHO for the murder of J.D. Tippit which had NOT happened for 30 more minutes in their theory.


They didn't, of course. Only brain-dead conspiracy-happy kooks actually think that the police swarmed the Texas Theater SOLELY based on the JFK murder.

A very ordinary, routine series of things occurred that led to Oswald's arrest on 11/22/63, and every reasonable person who has only studied the JFK and Tippit cases in a cursory manner knows this to be true. (So that leaves out kooks like Rob, of course.)

The Dallas police used the tip provided by Julia Postal to investigate things at the Texas Theater, which ultimately led to Oswald's arrest (via Johnny Brewer's identification of LHO from the stage of the theater).

Postal called the police and told them that a man had just entered the theater who was "running from them for some reason" (Postal's quote from her Warren Commission testimony).

But, I guess Rob thinks that the police should have just ignored Julia Postal's phone call altogether, even though Postal was telling the police over the phone that a man was "running" from the cops "for some reason", with this "running" man being just a few blocks from the scene of the Tippit murder (a murder where the killer got away from the scene of the crime).

Were the cops supposed to say this to Julia Postal?:

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but we're too busy right now trying to apprehend the President's killer to come and check out your call about a suspicious, running man in the very same neck of the woods where somebody just shot one of our officers less than half-an-hour ago. Call us back in a day or two to remind us about it then. We'll have some men available to respond to your call then. But for right now, forget it."

Rob would make a great detective alright -- in Kooktown, that is.

David Von Pein
October 7, 2008