(PART 333)


Anyone naive to believe that Oswald wasn't beaten during his interrogation simply doesn't know how these things work.



And yet the cops still allowed their "beaten" (to a bloody pulp?) prisoner to be paraded in front of the live TV cameras, so that the obvious "beatings" that had been administered to Oswald could be filmed and photographed and documented. Right, Gil?

And please inform us where the pictures and films are that show any type of PROGRESSIVE "beatings" that LHO was being subjected to while in the DPD's custody. Why aren't these beatings noticeable in the TV footage?

We can see Oswald with just a puffed-up eye and a small mark (cut) over one eye when he's brought into the DPD headquarters on November 22 (as a result of the wild fight in the theater of course, when Oswald was waving around his pistol and attempting to murder more policemen with it).

The two pictures below show about the same amount of injury to LHO's face. The injuries are certainly comparable anyway (although I'm not exactly sure when the picture was snapped with LHO in just his T-shirt, but in any event, that picture certainly represents a DIFFERENT session in front of the press, since he no longer has on his brown shirt). Shouldn't we see some additional injuries on Lee Oswald's face by the time he gave his Midnight Press Conference [second photo], if the cops were savaging the poor fellow behind closed doors?:

And then we have one of Oswald's official mug shot below, which is dated 11-23-63, so several hours of potential "beatings" have probably taken place (according to Gil The Kook) by the time this pic was taken....and the injuries to LHO look identical when comparing them to the other pictures:

And then on November 24th, as he was being killed by Jack Ruby, we get a pretty good look at Oswald's face....and there doesn't seem to be any further marks or injuries on him:

Did the cops beat him up, but NOT in the face, Gil? Did they only gut-punch the bastard, so that no additional facial injuries would show up to the cameras in the hallway? And did they tell Oswald to keep his mouth shut about this incessant abuse when he was marched in front of the reporters for two straight days? And Oswald obeyed?

In short, folks, Gilbert Jesus (like always) is making up tall tales that have ZERO basis in fact or in evidence.

In super-short -- Gil Jesus is a conspiracy-hungry nut.

David Von Pein
September 23, 2008