(PART 340)


Show me a description from the J.D. Tippit scene broadcasted that matched LHO.


Rob is a worthless researcher. Completely worthless. He couldn't find his pee-pee if it weren't attached to his scrotum.

Rob actually thinks there was NO description put out over the DPD radio airwaves regarding Tippit's killer that generally matched LHO. Incredible stupidity.

Well, here it is, Rob-Kook (from a 1:22 PM DPD Radio transmission):

"We have a description on this suspect over here on Jefferson. Last seen about 300 block of East Jefferson. He's a white male, about thirty, five [feet] eight, black hair, slender, wearing white jacket, a white shirt and dark slacks." -- VIA THE DPD RADIO LOGS; THIS WAS BROADCAST BY THE DPD AT 1:22 PM CST, ALMOST HALF-AN-HOUR BEFORE THE DPD ARRESTED LEE OSWALD IN THE TEXAS THEATER

Check the "1:22" calls here.

The above description almost perfectly matches Lee Harvey Oswald's appearance as of approximately 1:15 PM CST on 11/22/63. And, once again, we have at least one more witness (this time at the Tippit murder scene) who thought that Oswald appeared to be a little older than his correct age of 24 -- which perfectly aligns with Dealey Plaza witnesses Marrion Baker and Howard Brennan, who also both saw Oswald that day and gave his age to be "about 30" or "early 30s".

But it wasn't really the above DPD radio bulletin that directly led to Lee Oswald's arrest, of course. It was Julia Postal's phone call to the police that was directly responsible. (I suppose Postal is a conspirator too, huh Robby?)

David Von Pein
October 7, 2008