(PART 335)


In this video, Bob Harris doesn't even seem to realize that his theory contradicts the Parkland witnesses entirely.

Unless I missed a portion of the video when I had to excuse myself from the computer to take a quick barf break (like I have to do when viewing all videos of this nature that are authored by conspiracy nuts like Bob who have decided what the real evidence is going to be in this case, without a lick of proof to substantiate their bold assertions), Bob doesn't really seem to be advocating an exit wound at the location of JFK's head where (admittedly) virtually all of the Dallas doctors placed the wound -- that is, in the FAR-RIGHT-REAR portion of the head.

I say that because---

There's a section of Bob's video where he circles the fragmented, displaced portion of skull at the VERY TOP of JFK's head as seen in this lateral autopsy X-ray, and it's this same area that (I think) Bob is saying caused the flap of head/scalp to protrude out the back of the head at Z335/Z337.

But that's not at all where the Parkland people place ANY wound on JFK's cranium. So, it seems to me Bob's still got a problem....because in the video he seems to think his theory ALIGNS perfectly with the "BOH" [Back Of Head] witnesses at Parkland, with Bob saying at one point (paraphrasing): "This, of course, is why the doctors at Parkland all saw a wound at the back of the head."

In any event, this "mythical BOH" ground has been trampled to death over the years, but with each new sunrise, it seems to sprout new legs, with some CTer eager to dredge it up yet again.


I find it interesting to note that Robert Harris, somewhat surprisingly, even admits in his latest video incarnation that there is no visible damage to the back of Kennedy's head at Z313 or in the several Z-Film frames that follow Z313. Bob apparently thinks, then, that a second gunshot from the front resulted in the so-called "blowout" at the BOH.

Bob, of course, is forced to ignore (as all conspiracy theorists must) the official autopsy report, which states, in unambiguous language, that JFK was hit in the head by just ONE bullet, with that bullet entering at the back of the head and exiting at the right-front-top of the head ("chiefly parietal").

David Von Pein
September 24, 2008