(PART 350)


The REALITY is the document you referenced has the word CARBINE on it.


So what?

The serial number is the key, you idiot.

The word "Carbine" is typed (or stamped) on Waldman Exhibit No. 7,
whereas the serial number (C2766) and the Klein's internal "control
number" (VC 836) are printed by hand on the document/invoice -- which
makes perfect sense, of course. (Except if you're an 'ABO' kook who
wants to start believing that Waldman #7 is a "fake" document and that
the handwritten portions of the document were written in at a later
date, just to implicate Patsy Lee. I'm quite sure that there are many
CTers who do, indeed, believe in that precise scenario.)

But as anyone can easily see on Waldman #7, those internal documents
used by Klein's Sporting Goods are designed so that some of the
information that ends up on them is supposed to be written in by hand,
vs. some of the information being stamped (or typed) on them.

Pre-stamped (or pre-typed) information on those Klein's documents
includes such info as the item number of the merchandise being
purchased (which in Waldman #7 would be the "C20-T750" item
number that Oswald ordered with the magazine mail-order coupon, plus
the words "ITALIAN CARBINE 6.5 W/4X SCOPE", plus the price of "19.95",
plus "CON #" and "SER #").

It's obvious that those specific "CON" and "SER" numbers are meant to
be written in by hand on every order that Klein's processes:

So, if Oswald had stood trial for JFK's murder....and after the
prosecutor had shown the jury Waldman Exhibit #7, and after the
prosecution gets William Waldman to take the stand to testify to what
all of the markings on Waldman #7 mean (which anybody with a brain
could figure out for themselves, of course, but the prosecutor needs
to have Waldman say it all on the stand anyway), and after Robert
Frazier of the FBI takes the stand to testify that the rifle found in
the TSBD on November 22 had the exact same serial number stamped
on it as the number that appears in Waldman #7....

The jury would then, unless it was comprised of 12 kooks named
Rob Caprio, quite obviously have come to the only possible reasonable
conclusion they could come to with respect to whether or not the TSBD
rifle (CE139) is the same rifle that was shipped by Klein's to "A. Hidell"
at P.O. Box 2915 in Dallas on 3/20/63.

And that reasonable conclusion, quite naturally, is -- Yes, they are
the same weapon.


PROVE your assertion that LHO was sent a 40" Carcano.


Waldman Exhibit 7 proves it. Because the serial number of the rifle
mailed to Oswald was "C2766", which is stamped on a 40.2-inch MC,
not a 36-inch MC.

Mark VII. And case closed.

Rob, if you can't figure out these really, really easy things, how can
you possibly hope to figure out some of the more difficult problems
connected with this case -- like, say, figuring out whether or not
Lee Oswald was a boy or a girl?

David Von Pein
October 15, 2008