(PART 353)


I enjoy watching a conspiracy kook (Walt) foam at the mouth as he blathers his nonsense, 24/7.

Walt's theory about the rifle-stashing boxes is totally absurd...and totally unprovable (naturally), since we cannot possibly know with 100% certainty the exact steps that Oswald took to conceal his weapon right after he shot JFK.

But the totality of evidence shows the following things to be true for certain -- Oswald DID stash that rifle behind some boxes near the 6th-Floor stairway, and Oswald DID take those stairs to the 2nd Floor, and Oswald then DID encounter Baker and Truly in the lunchroom shortly after 12:30 on November 22nd.

As mentioned, the exact second-by-second manner in which all of the above things were accomplished can never be known with total certainty. And my "Oswald Timeline" articles [HERE and HERE] are, indeed, just my own opinion regarding various "unknowables" concerning many of Lee Oswald's movements and actions (both before the assassination and afterward).

Other people, even other LNers (like Dale Myers, to name one such person), might have a different view about exactly how and when Oswald did certain things on 11/22/63.

I happen to think, though, that my "timeline" is a fairly decent one. Not everything "lines up" with 100% precision and timing, that's true. But, then again, how COULD everything be perfectly blended together seamlessly in a case like this -- i.e., in a case where we must consider the observations of several different witnesses (who certainly didn't have stopwatches on Oswald to time his actions) and weave together the truth about LHO's movements?

Some discrepancies are bound to occur. And they do. But such discrepancies couldn't be more normal....in almost ANY murder investigation.

David Von Pein
October 19, 2008