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Hi Dale [Myers],

As always, I enjoyed your latest (October 27, 2008) item in your "News" area on your website. Some very interesting Cuban stuff there.

However, along those Cuban lines, I was curious about how Mr. Russo and his co-author Mr. Molton handle three aspects of the JFK murder and aftermath in particular, within the framework of some type of "Cuban Plot":

1.) How do the "Brothers In Arms" authors explain the fact that Ruth Paine and Linnie Mae Randle were so heavily influential in getting Lee Havey Oswald his job at the TSBD just one month before the assassination?

In other words, how in the world can any outside "Cuban involvement" possibly play a part in this very important sub-topic surrounding Oswald's employment in the building from where Kennedy was murdered and the very innocuous and innocent manner in which LHO obtained that job?

2.) Why on Earth would Oswald have used his own rifle to kill the President if he was "involved" with other "higher up" people (Cuban or otherwise)?

Do Russo and Molton think Oswald was duped? Or was Lee Harvey just plain stupid (i.e., perfectly willing to shoot the President with his own gun and from his own workplace, even though he certainly would [or should!] have been given some other weapon to do the job that could never be traced via a paper trail back to him)?

This #2 item has always been a major snafu and a big question mark, IMO, whenever somebody comes forth with a theory saying, in effect, "Oswald killed JFK on behalf of a larger group of people, but he just went ahead and used his own cheap rifle anyway." *

3.) Why was LHO hung out to dry following the assassination if he was really involved with other people in a plan to murder Kennedy? Where the heck was his getaway driver via such a pre-arranged assassination scheme?

This is another thing that makes absolutely no sense to me if Lee Oswald was working in cahoots with other co-plotters.

Yes, perhaps the rug was pulled out from under Oswald's feet at the last minute. I guess that's always a possibility. Maybe the high-up Cuban forces that were "in" on the plot with Oswald decided to make him their solo "patsy", as it were.

But even if that were true, there's still that pesky #2 question above about his rifle. How could ANYONE possibly talk Oswald (or any shooter) into using his own rifle to kill the President within the context of the kind of pre-arranged-well-in-advance multi-person plot that Mr. Russo and Mr. Molton are obviously advocating in their 2008 publication? *

* Yes, I know that Oswald did, indeed, use his own gun to kill the President. That's as obvious as can be. But it only makes sense, IMO, from the standpoint of Oswald doing it ALONE, sans any outside influence....and, most importantly, sans any outside OPPORTUNITY that would have been afforded him (via his co-plotters in crime) to obtain a better assassination weapon that wouldn't have a popcorn trail a mile long leading straight back to him.

In other words -- Oswald (the lone killer, who probably didn't plan to shoot the President more than two or three days ahead of time--if that long) pretty much had no choice -- he used the only gun that was available to him...his own Carcano rifle.

But in a pre-arranged scenario, there is simply no way that Oswald would be willing to use his own rifle, IMO, given the obvious choices that would undoubtedly have been afforded him via such a multi-person plan. I don't think Oswald was THAT stupid. YMMV, however.

Were these Cubans so incredibly cheap that they couldn't afford a better rifle for their killer to use on the President of the United States?

Plus: In such a scenario, why would anyone involved in a plot with Oswald even WANT him to use such a cheap and old weapon for such a big "hit" like this one?

Maybe I'm just naive as all get out, but that just makes no sense to me whatsoever.

"The fact that Rifle C2766 was used at all on 11/22/63 (and it most certainly was used; CE567/569 prove this beyond all doubt) indicates that the assassination was practically a last-minute thought in Oswald's mind." -- DVP; May 29, 2008

Thanks for your insight, Dale....as always.

David Von Pein
October 28, 2008

[ADDENDUM: In a return e-mail to me, Dale Myers said that all of my
questions and concerns were answered in the 2008 book "Brothers In Arms".
I purchased and read the book for myself in late 2008. I disagree with Mr.
Myers. Here's why (near bottom of post).]