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It amazes me that people CONTINUE "debate" with the likes of JM [John McAdams] or DVP [David Von Pein] -- as if either might change their minds purely on the strength of YOUR ARGUMENTS ALONE.

Anyone with a modicum of intelligence, no prejudices and determination enough to wade through the mountain of evidence provided by [the] WC, HSCA, ARRB etc. can ONLY conclude the Warren Commission was a) inept or b) a cover up and that Oswald didn't act alone (or didn't act at all).

Say what you like about JM/DVP -- but neither is stupid and both have been at the JFK case long enough to know the evidence inside out. Both know PERFECTLY WELL there was a conspiracy. But neither will admit such because they have a vested interest in maintaining this immature charade.

Remember folks -- they get PAID to eat up the seconds, minutes, hours, days ... of your precious time which you most certainly don't get back. 


Keep living in that fantasy world, Geoff. Because it's the only world that can possibly support the notion that Oswald "didn't act at all".


Listen, friend. If in these tough times you can make a full living out of trolling the Kennedy research community, good luck to you (honestly). I don't approve of your actions. But if they are DUMB ENOUGH to waste their time on someone as transparent and predictable as yourself, I guess they deserve you.

But I sincerely hope you quit all this nonsense sooner rather than later. Kennedy's a long time dead and wasting your time on wasting their time, whilst mildly comical, ultimately seems like a frivolous waste when there are other more important issues. Just sayin'.


Accusing DVP of "trolling" is like hearing Orson Welles assail someone for being chunky. :)

The trolling began with the cottage industry of conspiracy hackdom that desperately wants to find a motive in the assassination that is more PC for them (i.e. where it isn't a COMMUNIST who killed JFK).


Indeed, Eric. It's the same thing, different year.

I've encountered people like Geoff Foster for many years now. Anthony Marsh, a self-appointed expert on just about everything in the whole world (including a lecture to me on how I have been misspelling my own name--can you beat that for arrogance?) is another conspiracy theorist in the Geoff Foster mold -- i.e., Marsh likes telling me and John McAdams and many other "LNers" that we know "PERFECTLY WELL there was a conspiracy" (to use Foster's own words and emphasis).

I always get a kick out of it when some stranger on the Internet tells me, in no uncertain terms, what it is that I believe. It's quite humorous indeed.

Maybe Geoff Foster should watch a few more of my "as it's happening" videos relating to the events in Dallas on November 22, 1963. If he did that and paid close attention to what was being broadcast in the first minutes and hours after President Kennedy was gunned down, he might be surprised by what he sees and hears. Because there isn't very much "conspiracy" talk to be heard in those live first-day TV and radio broadcasts.

There is a little bit of "conspiracy" theorizing and speculation, particularly from James Hagerty, who was a former White House press secretary and was an executive at ABC in 1963. Just a few hours after the assassination, Hagerty stated on live TV that JFK's murder had been the result of "a carefully planned conspiracy".

But such pure speculation on Hagerty's part was totally irresponsible. Hagerty, of course, had absolutely nothing to back up his claim about the President's murder being a conspiracy.

For the most part, however, the first-day television and radio coverage supports a ONE-assassin, THREE-shots-fired assassination scenario. And that is truly amazing if a multi-gun, six-shots-fired killing had really occurred--as so many conspiracy theorists seem to think did happen in Dealey Plaza.

Maybe people like Geoff Foster think that everybody at CBS, NBC, ABC, WFAA, KLIF, WBAP, and KRLD were all part of an immediate and wide-sweeping cover-up.

But, hey, miracles *can* happen from time to time, I suppose. After all, the Mets did win the Series in '69.


I labeled Von Pein a troll because alternatively labeling him a fool or a nut seemed uncharitable.

In any case, devoting one's life to debunking claims--the ridiculousness of which you have repeatedly argued is self-evident--is the very definition of a wasted life (in which case he should take every penny he can get) or insanity.

Either way, I don't regard him as a serious or credible source. 


But I'll bet you think Mark Lane, Oliver Stone, Jim Garrison, Joan Mellen, Jean Hill, James DiEugenio, Roger Craig, Bob Groden, John Armstrong, Cyril Wecht, and hundreds of other conspiracy theorists are, indeed, "serious" and "credible" sources. Right, Geoff?



Uh, no Geoff, the waste is putting forth the dumb arguments in the first place from the losers who began with Joachim Joesten to Mark Lane to Harold Weisberg to all the other weirdos who could never get a job as an "expert" in anything else.

Robert Groden being hired by O.J. Simpson's defense team as an "expert" because of his JFK stuff is a nice indicator of how these clowns who are supposedly so brilliant they figure out who killed the President are never that bright when it comes to ANYTHING ELSE!

All people like John McAdams and Dave and myself do is tell people to start applying the common sense usually employed everywhere else in all other contexts.


You're so right, Eric, about "dumb arguments" being put forth by the conspiracy crowd. I mean, can it get any dumber than Oliver Stone's and Jim Garrison's alleged conspiracy plot, which incorporates THREE guns in THREE completely different areas of Dealey Plaza--all within a PRE-ARRANGED "frame a lone patsy" framework? Hilarious.

I occasionally like to point people to this webpage, because I think it illustrates quite vividly the mindset of many conspiracy believers and their complete unwillingness to let go of "dumb arguments" (to borrow Eric Paddon's words) that were overturned and debunked years ago. As I said in another post -- "same thing, different year".

David Von Pein
September 11, 2014
November 20, 2014