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During this pathetic flick ["Ruby And Oswald"], you note how many times Ruby is in tears? My God, talk about hyperbole!

The real life flesh and blood Jack Ruby was incapable of tears. Has anyone who really knew Jack come forward during the last 50 years claiming witness to him crying over anything?


Anyone who is silly enough to think Jack Ruby was "incapable of tears" should read the testimony and the statements of the witnesses (including KRLD newsman Wes Wise) who said they saw Jack in tears (or near tears) during the weekend of President Kennedy's assassination.

Here are a few examples....

BURT W. GRIFFIN -- "Tell us how this call went...you picked up the phone and there was Jack."

EILEEN KAMINSKY (Jack Ruby's sister) -- "That's right."

MR. GRIFFIN -- "What did he say and what did you say?"

MRS. KAMINSKY -- "He was crying to start off with. He said--he said, "Did you hear the awful news?" And I said, "Yes," and he said, "Oh, my God, oh, my God." He repeated it several times. He said, "What a black mark for Dallas...""


PHIL BURLESON (Eva Grant's attorney) -- "And at that time what was Jack's state as you recall it?"

EVA GRANT (Jack Ruby's sister) -- "Well, I was hysterical myself. He must have been crying, from his voice."


BURT GRIFFIN -- "Did he [Jack Ruby] tell you he called Eileen?"

MRS. GRANT -- "Yes, it seems to me he told me that."

MR. GRIFFIN -- "What did he say about that?"

MRS. GRANT -- "Now, let me explain something. You see, you are jumping the gun. When he was sitting on this chair and crying, I had made this remark--don't forget, I saw all this business on television already. This was now after 6. Maybe even a quarter of 7. He left shortly after 7."


LEON D. HUBERT -- "And then you told him [Jack Ruby] he ought to be glad he stopped, because if nobody was doing any business he might as well be closed, and that was about the subject of that conversation?"

RALPH PAUL -- "That was that conversation. That's the subject, and then he called me back and he told me he was over at his sister's house and his sister was crying and he was crying with her on account of the President, and that's the last I spoke to him."

MR. HUBERT -- "You could hear her crying or he told you?"

MR. PAUL -- "He just told me."

MR. HUBERT -- "What about his own crying, could you tell that he was crying, did he seem to be crying?"

MR. PAUL -- "No, he wasn't crying then--when he spoke to me."

MR. HUBERT -- "He wasn't crying then--in other words, what he was telling you was that he and his sister had been crying?"

MR. PAUL -- "Had been crying."


BURT GRIFFIN -- "Mr. Rubenstein, who did you hear about the crying from? Who told you about the crying?"

HYMAN RUBENSTEIN (Jack Ruby's brother) -- "Eva [Grant]. He made her sick. He came over there crying. .... Also from the rabbi in Dallas. He went to synagogue Saturday night, and he cried, and there is witnesses to prove it in the synagogue."

MR. GRIFFIN -- "Are there people in the synagogue who saw him?"

MR. RUBENSTEIN -- "People in the synagogue that saw him crying when they had a special, some services for the President and they saw him crying and the rabbi saw him crying."


GEORGE SENATOR (Jack Ruby's roommate) -- "And I had seen him cry...and he just got that funny look in his eyes. .... He was plenty disturbed. He was plenty disturbed. The man was crying. People have seen him, not only I, people have seen him crying. As a matter of fact, one of the kids in the club one night when we sat in a corner related he was crying and very, very disturbed."


[Also see Pages 248-249 of Vincent Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History" for more about Wes Wise and Jack Ruby.]


Plus, there's also this 1964 video during Ruby's trial. This sure looks like an emotional man to me. And it looks like he's crying too--or at the very least, he's on the verge of tears:

Let me also repeat something I said earlier this year about the above Jack Ruby video, because I think it deserves a replay every now and again:

"That one brief video clip of Ruby breaking down and crying over President Kennedy's death in front of the news media, two months after the assassination, just might be the single best piece of anti-conspiracy evidence there is when it comes to the subject of: Why did Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald?"
-- DVP; March 2014

David Von Pein
November 16, 2014