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You [Pat Speer] think you are free to "debunk" this or that analysis, and never have to ask what the alternative theory is.


Exactly. All anti-SBTers do this, every day.

The conspiracy theorists think they're home free by nitpicking every last centimeter on JFK's back, or by using the old dodge: 'No bullet in history has ever emerged in this near-pristine condition..', blah-blah. (And, of course, they completely ignore Dr. Martin Fackler's 1992 test with a Carcano bullet which emerged in perfect shape after breaking a human wrist at 1100fps, seen below.)

But I'm still waiting for some CTer (somewhere) to reasonably answer the basic $64K questions regarding the SBT:

1.) If TWO separate bullets entered President Kennedy's back and throat and neither bullet exited out the other side of JFK's body (as nearly all conspiracy theorists seem to believe, at least on the forums I've visited), then WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE TWO BULLETS? Where did they go? And where's the internal damage to JFK's innards that would prompt anyone (the autopsists or anybody else) to conclude that TWO bullets went into Kennedy and then just STOPPED their forward progress altogether?

2.) If only ONE bullet passed through JFK's upper back and exited his throat, and if that missile did NOT go on to hit Governor Connally, then WHERE DID THE BULLET GO? And HOW did that bullet end up missing Connally AND the whole limousine?

The Single-Bullet Theory is as true today as it was 40+ years ago. It's even "truer" in a sense, due to the very good re-creations supporting the theory that have been done in recent years by The Discovery Channel and Dale Myers. (And also by Dr. John Lattimer in the 1970s, too.)

Every Government panel that has studied the JFK case supports the SBT (i.e., the Warren Commission and the HSCA both supported the conclusion that ONE bullet--CE399--passed through both JFK and Governor Connally).

But for conspiracy theorists who are determined to avoid the obvious truth that is the SBT, apparently a DOUBLE stamp of endorsement from both the Warren boys and House Select Committee means absolutely NOTHING.

"You call it the theory; I call it the conclusion; it was a theory until we found the facts; that's why I refer to it as the Single-Bullet Conclusion." -- Arlen Specter; 1967

David Von Pein
January 15, 2010