(PART 842)


Robin [Unger] has uploaded a much clearer copy of the Dillard photo which was taken at Love Field. Hopefully even the professional deniers can clearly see that the chrome topping had not yet been dented.


I'm not too sure that Tom Dillard's Love Field limo photo even shows the area where the dent occurred.

It looks to me as though Dillard's picture was taken at an angle which has the limousine's crossbar/(handhold bar) totally blocking the view of the precise location above the rearview mirror where the dent is seen in Commission Exhibit 349:


However, my analysis on this matter could conceivably be faulty, because I'm attempting to analyze two different two-dimensional photographs (taken from different viewpoints). So it's entirely possible that I am wrong and that the area where the dent occurred is, indeed, visible in the Dillard Love Field picture.

My basis for concluding that the dented area of the limo does not appear in Dillard's Love Field photo is mainly by doing an "eyeball" measurement comparison of the two visor support "rods" (for lack of a better term for the pieces of metal that stick out from the two visors and snap into place just above the rearview mirror), which are metal rods that are visible in both the Dillard photo and CE349.

When doing an "eyeball measurement" of the distance between those two visor rods and the dent in the chrome in CE349, and then comparing it to the Dillard photo, it sure looks as though the limo's crossbar is blocking the precise area where that dent can be seen in CE349.

However, there is definitely an additional part of the car's metal windshield frame visible in the Dillard picture in an area that would certainly appear to be ABOVE the place where we see the dent in CE349 (but maybe that's just skewed perception based on attempting to examine three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional photos). The flag pole on the left side of the car is being blocked by this additional portion of the windshield frame in the Love Field photo.

It's hard to tell, but this "additional part of the frame" (again, for lack of a more precise term for it) doesn't appear to have a noticeable dent in it. However, there are some darker "lines" of some kind visible in that part of the windshield frame that contrast against the almost totally white look to that portion of the car that I suppose could represent some sort of damage. But, again, it's really very hard to tell.

I'll try to purchase a "Windshield Frame And Visor Rod" dictionary in the near future, so that maybe my next post concerning this topic isn't so hard to understand. (I can understand exactly what I mean to convey, but whether anybody else will be able to decipher it, I cannot say.) ;)

David Von Pein
December 11, 2009