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It's quite humorous to read all of the lame excuses that conspiracists can come up with in order to deny the obvious truth about what we are seeing in Zapruder frames 225 and 226.

The average "anti-SBT" conspiracy theorist is so accustomed to rejecting the Single-Bullet Theory that even when confronted with toggling Z-Film clips like the ones below, those CTers will still pretend that what they are seeing with their own eyeballs in these movie clips must be the result of "something else" other than the two victims in the car reacting simultaneously to being hit by a bullet:

And most conspiracy theorists I've encountered over the years won't even allow for the remote POSSIBILITY of the Z224-Z230 reactions of President Kennedy and Governor Connally being the result of a single bullet hitting both men. And even the sudden "flinching" of Connally's shoulders at exactly Z225 is totally ignored by most CTers:

Instead, the conspiracy theorists will insist that "other" things must be considered first and given top priority. The SBT, in other words, is sort of a last resort, and should be avoided at all possible costs. And this is so even though those same CTers know full well that BOTH victims in that car WERE, indeed, struck in their respective UPPER BACKS by a BULLET at just about that same time on the Zapruder Film.

And yet, even though the CTers (save David Lifton, of course) will stipulate to the fact that both Kennedy AND Connally were hit by a bullet in their BACKS within about ONE SECOND of Z-frame #224, the simultaneous "arm-jerking" reactions exhibited by both JFK and John Connally starting at precisely Z226 are not, per the CTers, to be associated in any way at all with the bullet wounds in the BACK that each victim sustained on November 22, 1963.

That, my friends, is called "Serious Denial".


Look at some real life shootings and see how quickly people can react.


But despite what Tony just uttered above, I'll bet the farm (plus my next check from CIA Disinfo, Inc.) that he doesn't believe that JFK and Connally can react to being hit by a bullet as "quickly" as we see them reacting starting at Z225.

Right, Anthony?

I think I'll bookmark these words of Tony's and keep them in mind the next time he (or any other conspiracy theorist) starts claiming that JFK and Governor Connally were reacting too quickly:

"Look at some real life shootings and see how quickly people can react."
-- W. Anthony Marsh; November 1, 2014

And I'll also remind Tony (and all other conspiracists out there) that the House Select Committee said this in 1978:

"At issue is the time delay between bullet impact and the observable reactions of each man to his injury, which in turn is determined by many factors, including whether or not their reactions were voluntary or involuntary. If involuntary, they would have occurred almost simultaneously with the injuries. If voluntary, there is often a slight delay in reacting." -- 7 HSCA 179


It is OBVIOUS that John Connally is exhibiting a STARTLE reaction to something that occurred on his LEFT side.

His RAPID head movement to his LEFT and associated hat flip are all synchronous with JFK's movement of his hands to his throat.

IT IS OBVIOUS to anyone who seriously looks at the film.


But this so-called "startle reaction" that you are describing could not POSSIBLY be the result of an actual BULLET striking Governor Connally's body at that point in time on the Zapruder Film, right Mike?

The "startle reaction" can ONLY be the result of Connally reacting to something whizzing by him---but definitely NOT hitting him. Is that your position?

And I find it quite remarkable that the point in time in the Z-Film when the conspiracy believers think Connally actually WAS hit by a bullet, which was in the Z230s according to most conspiracy theorists, we don't see any kind of "jerky" arm movements or "flinching/hunching" of JBC's shoulders (which is what we do see from Z225 to about Z230 or so).

So what we have here, per the CTers, is a situation which has John Connally exhibiting far MORE "jerky" movements BEFORE he was actually struck by the bullet than he does just after he was actually hit by the high-speed missile.

Kind of funny, isn't it?

Actually, it's quite hilarious. But, then too, watching the conspiracy theorists deny the obviousness of the Single-Bullet Theory has always been a rather amusing thing to witness.


John and Nellie [Connally]...both are adamant that John was not hit by the same bullet that struck JFK.


That is because for whatever reason they had the erroneous belief that JFK was hit by the first shot. They knew JBC was hit by the second shot and they were right about that part. Since JFK was also hit by the second shot, they were hit by the same bullet.


No...that is not what they say.

They clearly say that John was not hit by the same bullet that struck JFK.


Here's what John Connally said in front of the CBS-TV cameras when he was interviewed by Eddie Barker in 1967:

JOHN CONNALLY -- "The only way that I could ever reconcile my memory of what happened and what occurred, with respect to the One-Bullet Theory is .... it had to be the SECOND bullet that might have hit us both."

EDDIE BARKER -- "Do you believe, Governor Connally, that the first bullet could have missed, the second one hit both of you, and the third one hit President Kennedy?"

JOHN CONNALLY -- "That's possible. That's possible."


If you were actually so naive as to claim that you can SEE Connally reacting in frame 225 that means that he was hit no later than 221.


Well, of course I can see Connally "reacting" at Z225. Anybody with eyes in their head can easily see the Z225 reactions by the Texas Governor. You can see them too, Tony. Just look....

At precisely frame 225, both of Connally's shoulders hunch up, his facial expression changes, and his mouth suddenly opens.

But according to most conspiracy theorists, the hunching and flinching and mouth-opening is all due to something ELSE other than a bullet striking him an instant earlier. (What's the "something else", Tony?)

One frame later, at Z226, both JFK and Connally do their arm-raising.

But that's just a coincidence, right Tony? It couldn't possibly have been the bullet that caused that simultaneous arm-raising act, could it?


So you have to declare your pet SBT at frame 221. I'm up for that, but I doubt that your fellow WC defenders are.


Several LNers think the SBT bullet could have struck at Z221. Nothing new there. I think it was a little later, however....CLICK HERE.


OK, so who reacted at frame 224?


Connally did. Involuntarily. The bullet pushes his right shoulder slightly forward and downward....

And Connally's lapel "reacted" at exactly Z224 too. And since that lapel isn't connected to a human brain, I don't think I'm required to believe that a piece of clothing needs four Zapruder frames to "react" to being struck by a rifle bullet.

Or do you, Tony, think John Connally's suit coat should have waited for four Z-frames before doing its large "flip"?


Indeed, YOU admit that: "The WC and HSCA assumed that John Connally had suffered a delayed reaction to being shot during pre-Z225 frames of the Z-Film."

So what expertise are you claiming, or upon what new evidence are you now claiming that there's no delayed reaction?


Ben, you know as well as I do that the Warren Commission in 1964 did not have the tools we have today to examine the frames of the Zapruder Film in close-up digital fashion on a computer, with the added benefit in today's world of extracting clips that can be looped to replay over and over again instantly.

So why pretend that the WC (or even the HSCA in the 1970s) utilized anything like the amazing Internet tools we have at our disposal today? They didn't do that. But we can do it today. And there is no delayed reaction whatsoever.

The involuntary reactions of both Kennedy and Connally couldn't be any more obvious. And yet conspiracy believers will deny the existence of those reactions just after Z-frame 224 till the cows come home.


If it's so "obvious" as you claim, why is there even a discussion about delayed reactions?


There really shouldn't be any argument or discussion about delayed reactions after watching all of the toggling clips available at my webpage HERE, because the culled Z-Film clips that everyone with a computer has easy access to today are proving that the SBT is true.

It's just that CTers refuse to acknowledge what they too are seeing with their own eyes----and what they're seeing in those Z-Film clips is the Single-Bullet Theory in action--with two men getting hit by a single rifle bullet at the exact same time.

David Von Pein
November 4-5, 2014
November 6, 2014