(PART 849)


On November 21, 2014, Professor John McAdams debated conspiracy theorist Roger Stone on The Mitch Henck Show on radio [listen to the complete debate below].

A few random observations about the above 43-minute McAdams/Stone debate....

Roger Stone put a rather interesting twist on the theory about how Malcolm Wallace was one of the assassins shooting from the sixth floor of the Book Depository, with Stone saying this (which is something I have never heard anyone say before)....

"Six eyewitnesses see a man who meets his [Wallace's] description in the windows in the Texas School Book Depository Building."

I guess Mac Wallace must have somewhat resembled Lee Harvey Oswald, eh? Anyway, that was a nice sneaky trick by Stone, to turn the Oswald-like figure in the windows of the Depository into Malcolm Wallace.


Re: The so-called "bewildered Secret Service agent" at Love Field, which is another subject that surfaced in this debate....

The general public probably still doesn't even realize that the identity of that "shrugging" agent isn't who they think it is. It very likely isn't Henry Rybka doing the arm waving and shoulder shrugging. It's Donald Lawton. And Donald Lawton was never supposed to ride in the motorcade through downtown Dallas. He was assigned to stay at Love Field Airport.

More on that Secret Service subject can be found HERE and also in Appendix #1 of the book I co-authored with Mel Ayton, "Beyond Reasonable Doubt".


The funniest moment of the debate was McAdams' quip about country music singer Patsy Cline, with the Professor wondering how her name was left out of Richard Belzer's "Hit List" book concerning all of the alleged "mysterious deaths" connected to JFK's murder.

I'm sure a few conspiracists will jump all over Professor McAdams for even suggesting (even with his tongue in his cheek) that Ms. Cline could have ever been a candidate for the mystery death list, since Cline died in March 1963, eight months before the assassination of President Kennedy.


Overall, it was another calm, cool, and straightforward recitation of the facts presented by Professor McAdams concerning the JFK assassination.

Roger Stone has a conspiracy theory about Lyndon Johnson's alleged involvement in JFK's death that is wholly unsupported by any hard facts (and even the "Wallace fingerprint" theory is being attacked and refuted by some conspiracists nowadays).

And based on some of the things I heard him say in the above debate, Mr. Stone seems to believe in just about every silly (and already debunked) conspiracy theory imaginable. Whereas, John McAdams has the hard physical evidence of Lee Harvey Oswald's guilt on his side.

And with this much evidence having been amassed against the prime suspect in the crime that occurred in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963, no speculative "theories" need to be advanced at all. The physical evidence, plus Lee Oswald's own actions, handily do the job of proving Oswald's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

David Von Pein
November 25, 2014