(PART 847)


DVP's description was an interesting explanation of the [Secret Service] film in terms of an accurate technical review and information about its availability.

In my opinion, the film provides absolutely no evidence whatsoever of LHO's possible guilt or involvement, but does give very interesting views of Dealey Plaza, the roadways, motorcade route and the 6th floor of the TSBD.


The most important sequence, in my opinion, is the telescopic head-on view of JFK as [his] car approaches the TSBD, clearly showing an unobstructed shooter's view of the target.


But the car being filmed at that moment is not a car that was equipped with "jump seats" in the middle of the vehicle. The car that is seen in the 1963 Secret Service reconstruction film is a standard Lincoln Continental convertible [pictured below], not a specially-built limousine with jump seats to carry extra passengers.

Whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald would have had an unobstructed view of President Kennedy from the sixth-floor sniper's perch on November 22, 1963, while JFK's car was on Houston Street, has never been proven (as far as I am aware). It's quite possible that a portion of Governor Connally's body might have blocked Oswald's view of Kennedy when the car was moving north on Houston Street.

And any scenes of that nature that are in Oliver Stone's 1991 movie are scenes that I believe were filmed from the SEVENTH FLOOR of the Book Depository, not the sixth floor. So, any such re-creations through a rifle scope that are seen in that motion picture cannot be looked upon as a perfect reconstruction of Lee Oswald's precise view of the President's car, because Stone filmed any such scenes from one flight above Oswald's Sniper's Nest.

David Von Pein
January 27, 2010