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For anybody who thinks Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald as part of a pre-arranged conspiratorial plot (which would encompass almost all conspiracy theorists worldwide), this video is certainly worth watching.

That C-Span video includes a panel of journalists who assembled at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, for a day-long commemorative seminar on November 20, 1993, to observe the 30th anniversary of JFK's assassination.

The moderator of the panel in the above-linked video is Tony Zoppi, who was Jack Ruby's friend since 1951. It's fascinating to hear Zoppi explain his relationship with Ruby [see the video below], and particularly the part about Ruby's trip to Havana, Cuba, in late 1958, which many conspiracy theorists seem to think was conspiratorial in some fashion.

Other journalists featured in the video include Bob Jackson, Wes Wise, Ike Pappas, and Hugh Aynesworth.

The segment with Ike Pappas [available below] is another very good part of the 1993 program, as he vividly and energetically recounts the role he played during the unforgettable weekend of President Kennedy's death. Pappas died fairly recently, on August 31, 2008.

I hadn't realized until today that a portion of Pappas' remarkable coverage of the murder of Oswald was (according to Pappas himself) actually recorded after Ike had departed the DPD basement. The tape was then edited and pieced together at a later time. (It reminds me of the KBOX-Radio re-creation, which is a recording that for decades had me fooled into thinking it was done "live" on 11/22/63.)

Another enlightening and interesting part of this additional segment of the 1993 "Reporters Remember 11-22-63" conference/seminar is the part where Gary DeLaune of Dallas radio station KLIF talks about how he didn't think it was unusual for Jack Ruby to have simply walked down the Main Street ramp leading into the City Hall basement on 11/24/63 just before Lee Oswald was shot, because DeLaune says that he HIMSELF walked down that very same ramp shortly before Ruby killed Oswald.

Given the sum total of all the witness statements connected with the important subject of "The Main Street Ramp", Gary DeLaune's statement about how he himself walked down that same ramp shortly before Oswald was shot must be taken with a grain of salt, of course. But DeLaune did make such a statement nevertheless.

Here's the KLIF-Radio audio from November 24th, 1963, which includes an extremely out-of-breath Gary DeLaune telling the radio audience about what he had just witnessed in the basement of the Dallas Police Department a few minutes earlier. DeLaune sounds as if he is on the verge of collapse in this remarkable clip. He is so out of breath, he can barely speak.

David Von Pein
February 1, 2010
February 2, 2010