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While re-reading a few portions of Vincent Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History" today, I came across something that I don't remember having seen before. This happens to me frequently when revisiting parts of Bugliosi's immense JFK book---I'll find something that seems brand-new, even though I read the book in its entirety years ago.

But this habit of "revisiting" Vincent's book from time to time is usually a worthwhile exercise, because since the book is so large, some stuff in it is bound to be forgotten or overlooked after going through it just once (or even twice).

Here's the interesting segment from today's "re-reading" of page 790 of Bugliosi's tome:

"In a search pursuant to a search warrant by Dallas Police Department detectives of Oswald's belongings in Ruth Paine's garage on November 23, 1963, portions of two Klein's magazine ads for the rifle were found inside a box." -- Vincent Bugliosi; Page 790 of "Reclaiming History"

Sources used by Bugliosi for the above quote:

CD 578, March 7, 1964, FBI Exhibit D-85; and
7 H 195, WCT Richard S. Stovall.

In addition to the sources shown above, one other source concerning this subject that Bugliosi didn't mention is Commission Document No. 7, Page 388.

So, we can see HERE that there were two separate clipped portions of two different Klein's magazine advertisements found among Lee Oswald's possessions in Ruth Paine's garage on November 23, 1963, both of which are nearly identical to the order form that Oswald used to order his rifle from Klein's in March of 1963 [seen in CE773 and Waldman Exhibit No. 8].

This particular topic of two nearly identical Klein's order forms being found among Oswald's belongings the day after President Kennedy was assassinated is something I don't recall being discussed too much (if at all) among JFK researchers.

I wonder how the conspiracy theorists who think Lee Oswald never ordered the rifle from Klein's are able to combat this additional "Klein's" evidence that was found in Ruth Paine's garage the day after the assassination?

Do those theorists want to believe that those blank Klein's order forms were planted in Paine's garage in order to help frame Oswald for Kennedy's murder? Or do the CTers who know about this "Klein's" evidence found in Commission Document No. 578 simply shrug it off as being irrelevant and immaterial entirely?

But it is rather revealing to have in evidence those two other "Klein's" order forms, seeing as how Klein's in Chicago is the exact same mail-order company that sent a rifle with the serial number C2766 on it to a post office box in Dallas that was being used at the time by a certain Mr. Lee H. Oswald.

The clippings seen in CD578 provide further physical evidence tying Lee Harvey Oswald to Klein's Sporting Goods.


Vincent Bugliosi's verbiage in the quote I cited above isn't quite 100% accurate. Vince says that "portions of two Klein's magazine ads for the rifle were found" in Ruth Paine's garage. (Emphasis added by DVP.)

The words "for the rifle", however, do not apply in that quote, because as we can see in the links I provided earlier, the Klein's clippings are not ads "for the rifle" that Oswald ultimately ended up receiving from Klein's in late March of 1963. The clippings only show two blank Klein's order forms.

So, Mr. Bugliosi has overstated the facts just a little bit in that quote I cited. The proper way for Vince to have said it in his book would have been this way (IMO)....

"In a search pursuant to a search warrant by Dallas Police Department detectives of Oswald's belongings in Ruth Paine's garage on November 23, 1963, portions of two Klein's magazine ads were found inside a box."

I'm sure the discovery of another small error in Vince Bugliosi's book will make some conspiracy theorists jump for joy, because they can now claim once again that Vince deliberately "lied" to his readers on page 790 of "Reclaiming History", with a determined and calculated effort being made by Bugliosi to deceive them.

I, of course, will choose to categorize Vincent's "for the rifle" mistake in a different manner, as I have done when confronted with the "Bugliosi Is A Liar" brigade in the past as well.

David Von Pein
November 28, 2014


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