(PART 845)


[Arlen] Specter admitted he knew the wound was on the back before he submitted the chapters saying it was on the neck. It was a blatant and deliberate deception. And none of your spin can put that genie back in the bottle.


There's no genie to put back in the bottle....and CE903 proves it:

Commission Exhibit 903 places the wound just where the autopsy photo has it and just where the autopsy surgeons place it in the Boswell Face Sheet --- in the UPPER BACK, not the "neck".

And this is true regardless of the continual use of the word "neck" in the text of the WCR and in the various testimony in the WC volumes.

The problem isn't WHERE the wound is located. The WC knew exactly where it was--14 cm. below the mastoid.

The problem is merely semantics--"neck vs. back"--and nothing more. But the location of the bullet wound never changed--ever.

And the Warren Commission never attempted to change the wound's location either. And that's because--as Jean Davison said on January 2, 2007....

"To my knowledge, [nobody] has ever explained how moving the back wound up to THE NECK supports the SBT. Nobody CAN support it, because moving the entry to the neck would destroy the WC's SBT trajectory, not strengthen it. .... The claim that [Gerald] Ford's change 'strengthens' the WC's SBT is simply not true." -- Jean Davison; January 2, 2007

David Von Pein
November 21, 2014