(PART 834)


It is absurd to believe in Lee Harvey Oswald's innocence in the J.D. Tippit murder, since all of the following things are true (save the latter portions of #5):

1.) The two non-Poe shells on 10th Street are linked conclusively to Oswald's revolver (and we don't even need the Poe shells to convict Oswald, because the two shells recovered by the Davis girls certainly have a chain of custody that not even most conspiracy kooks challenge). And seeing as how there was ONLY ONE PERSON WITH A GUN DUMPING SHELLS ON TENTH STREET....do the math.

2.) Oswald is identified by approximately 12 witnesses as the killer or the ONLY PERSON fleeing from the crime scene.

3.) Oswald whips out a pistol and tries to kill some cops with it in the Texas Theater 35 minutes after Tippit is killed. And the pistol Oswald whipped out just happens to be the exact same revolver that is tied to those two non-Poe shells on 10th Street.

Conspiracy theorists probably think that incredible fact I just cited is just a mere coincidence. Jack Ruby probably planted the gun on poor unsuspecting Oswald while Lee was sleeping during the movie.

4.) Oswald lied about where he purchased the gun he had on him when arrested. He said he bought it in Fort Worth. Just one of dozens of lies he told after he was apprehended. I suppose the conspiracy theorists think that the reason LHO lied repeatedly is because he was TOTALLY INNOCENT of any wrong-doing on November 22nd.

5.) Just like with JFK's murder, Oswald just happens to have NO ALIBI at all that could save his hide when it comes to the Tippit murder either. Probably just bad luck on innocent LHO's part.

Of course, there's always Bob Groden's bombshell witness [Mrs. Reid], who said she and LHO were having hot, steamy sex in the Domino Room when the shooting occurred. At exactly 12:30 PM, as Reid and Oswald were engaged in intercourse, they both heard the gunshots, interrupting their sexual encounter, which made Lee Harvey so angry, he went on a wild rampage. He left the building almost immediately [after buying a cool, refreshing beverage from the Coca-Cola machine], went home and armed himself, raced over to 10th Street and shot the first cop he saw.

His rage continued inside the movie theater, as he turned his gun on more of Dallas' finest. You see, this wasn't the first time Lee was interrupted during a steamy sexual escapade -- it happened three other times with Judyth Vary Baker too. That damned Clay Shaw kept breaking in on Lee and Judyth at Alba's Garage before Lee could finish his business. So is it any wonder Lee was peeved on November 22nd?

In summary --

Attempting to exonerate Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of Dallas Policeman J.D. Tippit is like trying to find snow in Arizona in August.

In short, it cannot be done.

David Von Pein
January 11, 2010