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Here's a good candidate for "Kook Quote Of The Year":

"I think that Oliver Stone's movie 'JFK' is probably the closest to the truth that the American public has gotten to this day." -- Jim Marrs; December 8, 2009

You can hear Kook Marrs make the above ridiculous statement HERE, during Part 3 of his lengthy (and hilarious) appearance on Jim Fetzer's Internet radio program "The Real Deal", which is a program filled with assorted nuts and conspiracy crackpots galore, not the least of which is the host himself, Prof. Fetzer.

This 12/8/09 installment with Jim Marrs is nothing but one misrepresentation and misinterpretation of the JFK evidence after another. At one point during the interview, Marrs asks the audience to consider this question (paraphrasing the kook here):

"If Lee Harvey Oswald had just shot JFK from the Depository, and if he had really shot Officer Tippit, then why didn't Oswald shoot the so-called 'Secret Service' man whom LHO encountered as he was leaving the Book Depository Building? What's up with that?"

I guess Mr. Marrs must have failed to realize one important thing when he was asking the radio audience to consider such a ludicrous possibility:

Lee Oswald didn't have a gun on him when he encountered the man whom Oswald would later tell the police was a "Secret Service man" (it was really either Pierce Allman or Robert MacNeil, of course).

Plus, it apparently didn't dawn on Mr. Marrs that Oswald would have had no reason whatsoever to want to shoot the man he directed to a phone at approximately 12:33 PM on 11/22/63, and that's because the man who approached Oswald merely was asking where the nearest telephone was located. He certainly didn't consider Oswald a suspect in the assassination. So why would LHO have had any desire to shoot this man at the corner of Elm & Houston, even if Oswald DID have a gun on him at the time?

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David Von Pein
December 9, 2009