(PART 96)


I await Walter's "reasonable" reply to my question: "WHAT WAS IN
OSWALD'S PACKAGE ON NOV. 22 IF NOT RIFLE C2766?" (I fear I shall be
waiting for such a reply until the cows arrive back home, however.)


THE COWS HAVE ARRIVED. The answer is curtain rods. The curtain rods
were found in the TSBD. The Dallas cops even dusted them for prints.


So, Lee Oswald had a perfect and PROVABLE alibi in the "curtain rods",
but he decided to NOT use this fantastic alibi, instead deciding to
LIE to the police when he told them he had never carried ANY type of
large, non-lunch package into the building on November 22.

Is that about the size of your stupid "Curtain Rods Were Found In The
TSBD" theory, Mister Super-Kook?


Commission Exhibit No. 1952 positively (and beyond ALL doubt) refers to the two curtain rods that were discovered in Ruth Paine's garage and marked by the Warren Commission as Ruth Paine Exhibits 275 and 276.

Mr. JENNER - Mrs. Paine, are the curtain rods that Mr. Howlett has
taken down from the lower of the two shelves, the two curtain rods to
which you made reference in your testimony before the Commission last

Mrs. PAINE - Yes; they are.

Mr. JENNER - And you know of no other curtain rods, do you, in your
garage during the fall of 1963?

Mrs. PAINE - No; I do not.

Mr. JENNER - And in particular, no other curtain rods in your garage
at any time on the 21st or 22d of November 1963?

Mrs. PAINE - None whatsoever.

Mr. JENNER - May we take these curtain rods and mark them as exhibits
and we will return them after they have been placed of record?

Mrs. PAINE - All right.

Mr. JENNER - Miss Reporter, the cream colored curtain rod, we will
mark Ruth Paine Exhibit 275 and the white one as Ruth Paine Exhibit
No. 276.

[The curtain rods referred to were at this time marked by the reporter
as Ruth Paine Exhibit Nos. 275 and 276, for identification.]

The above information shows that Gil and CTers of his silly ilk are
dead wrong (yet again) about the evidence in this case.

But, kooks like Gil don't give a damn about the evidence....those
kooks will just say somebody "lied" or that something was found in the
TSBD (when it was actually found in Ruth Paine's garage).

And that's because the CTers like Gil have no shame. And they have no
support for their nutty claims either. But that, too, doesn't seem to
faze the CT nutjobs.

There is also CE2640 to consider. In CE2640, Book Depository
Superintendent Roy Truly verified for the WC and the FBI on
September 1, 1964, that no curtain rods were ever found in the
TSBD after November 22nd. (I guess Roy S. Truly is just one more
person for CTers to call a stinking "liar", right Gil?)


[Lt. J.C.] Day lied on the form. The fingerprints were Oswald's.


See. What did I tell you? Somebody else is a "liar". Of course, Gil
The Nutjob has absolutely no PROOF that Lieutenant Carl Day "lied" on
CE1952. But, like the kook he is, Gil will just SAY that he "lied"
anyway, sans any evidence to support such a vile charge.


The curtain rods which were dusted were NOT "found" in the Paine garage. Had they been there, there would have been no reason to dust them, as rods in that location had no bearing on the case. The only reason to "dust" curtain rods would have been HAD THEY BEEN FOUND IN THE TSBD, to prove or disprove Oswald's story.


Goodie, goodie! A kook is making up the rules as he goes along. He
thinks the DPD should have behaved in a different manner than they did
behave re. the Paine curtain rods....so this indicates some kind of

The rubber room awaits Gilbert.


Here's another shocker for you: The Oswald rifle was found in the Paine Garage when the Dallas cops first searched it on the evening of November 22nd. It was wrapped in a blanket. The cops took the rifle, complete with the blanket fibers, to the police station. They then removed ALL of the fibers from the rifle and placed them inside the "bag" that they had removed from the TSBD building.


Oh, goodie! More imagined, made-up stuff.

And let's see if Gilbert can provide ANY support to come within 60
miles of proving the above hunk of conspiracy-flavored bullshit.

(Heck, I'd be satisfied if the kook could get within 260 miles of
proving the above idiocy.)


The Mannlicher Carcano removed by Lt. Day was not the Oswald rifle. .... When the cops got their hands on the Oswald rifle, they made the switch.


Excellent! More kookshit manufactured by an idiot!

And it's nice to know that Gil thinks that the people who were supposedly
FRAMING LEE OSWALD WELL IN ADVANCE were total morons, too -- seeing
as how they (per Gil) apparently attempted to frame their lone patsy by
leaving behind a rifle in the Depository that could never in a million decades
be traced to that patsy.

Lovely plan indeed.

But, luckily for those conspirators, the Dallas cops (and everyone in
Washington too) wanted to FRAME THE VERY SAME "PATSY" NAMED OSWALD
just after the assassination too! So, the bumbling plotters who were
setting up Ozzie well in ADVANCE of November 22 were taken off the

That must have been quite a relief for the real assassins, indeed,
when the PRE-NOV. 22 PATSY-FRAMING TEAM discovered that the Dallas
Police and the FBI and the Warren Commission ALL wanted to frame the
same innocent lone patsy that they were trying to frame too.

I don't imagine that a Patsy-Framing Team gets THAT lucky every day of
the week, huh?


This is why they never examined the rifle to see if it had been fired recently. They knew it hadn't.


And please point me to the information that proves that a test even
EXISTS that would determine if a rifle had been fired on a particular
day. I've yet to see the verification that any such test even exists
(or ever did exist).


So the curtain rods were never found in the Paine garage. They were found in the TSBD and dusted for Oswald's prints as a result.


It's just a shame that you can't prove a single thing you assert, isn't it?


The OSWALD rifle wasn't found in the TSBD, it was found at the Paine garage. And now you know how the blanket fibers got INSIDE the "bag".


I know exactly how the fibers got inside the bag. They got there by
way of Lee Harvey Oswald removing that rifle from the blanket and
placing the dismantled rifle in his homemade brown bag either on
Thursday night, November 21st or Friday morning, November 22nd, 1963.

But rabid conspiracists like Gil, instead of accepting an "ordinary"
type of explanation for the evidence in the case, would rather promote
"extraordinary" theories which don't fit with the sum total of
evidence at all (and which, of course, the kooks who spout them can
never come close to proving, seeing as how these extraordinary things
they dream up never occurred in the first place).

Gil, of course, will never ever tell us WHO it was who "planted" the
blanket fibers inside the paper bag. And that's because he can't do
that, because there is nobody to point a finger of guilt at.

So, we're supposed to believe that some unknown, faceless person (or
persons) deliberately planted the fibers in the bag....and we're
supposed to believe this is a rock-solid fact JUST BECAUSE A KOOK WHO

Nice policy, Gilbert. But, no thanks.

Reasonable and rational people, thankfully, will disregard the outer-
fringe CT-Kooks like Gil, with those reasonable individuals opting,
instead, to converge toward ordinary thoughts, which are the type of
thoughts that fit perfectly with the "LHO Did It" scenario.

David Von Pein
December 2007