(PART 95)


>>> "Common sense tells me....." <<<


I'll stop Walter right here. Because he has no idea what the above two
words mean. So why bother continuing with his statement? ;)

>>> "Yes, I agree, all of the evidence seems to indicate that the rifle was not there in the Paine's garage on the afternoon of the murder. But the 64-doller [sic] question is: How long had it been gone from that garage, a week?? A month??" <<<

Less than one day, kook.

>>> "When was the last time that Marina knew for sure that [the rifle] was there??" <<<

The best answer to that question is "Early October 1963", based on
Marina's own testimony. Let's have a gander:

Mr. RANKIN. Did you ever check to see whether the rifle was in the

Mrs. OSWALD. I never checked to see that. There was only once that I
was interested in finding out what was in that blanket, and I saw that
it was a rifle.

Mr. RANKIN. When was that?

Mrs. OSWALD. About a week after I came from New Orleans.

Mr. RANKIN. And then you found that the rifle was in the blanket, did

Mrs. OSWALD. Yes, I saw the wooden part of it, the wooden stock.


>>> "Who removed it [LHO's rifle] from that garage??" <<<

Lee Harvey Oswald (on November 22, 1963), of course.

Altogether now.....


>>> "It [Rifle #C2766] was removed by someone who wanted others to believe that the rifle was still there if they just took a cursory glance at the blanket." <<<

Yes, with this statement I fully agree. And that person who arranged
the blanket in such a fashion after the rifle was removed from said
blanket was, without a shred of a doubt (based on the good ol'
"preponderance"), Lee Harvey Oswald.

>>> "If it was [Lee Oswald's] rifle, he didn't have to remove the rifle from the blanket; he could have simply took [sic] the whole bundle, blanket and all; or he could have simply took [sic] the blanket off and tossed it aside. There was no reason to fool anybody into thinking the rifle was still there." <<<

Any more meaningless chaff regarding the blanket you'd like to toss
into the CT circus ring, Walt?

Anyhow, Oswald's wanting to make the blanket appear undisturbed on the
garage floor seems quite reasonable to me (given the act he was about
to perform with the item that he took out of that blanket).

>>> "On the other hand, if it was his rifle, and it was stolen from that blanket, then the thief would have carefully removed it to fool him into thinking it was still there." <<<

That's good, Walt -- complicate the scenario with absurd "Rifle-Stealing"
theories that are completely unsupportable and, moreover, unnecessary
in order to solve the case in an Occam's-like manner.

But, then again, CT-Kooks love to add layer upon layer of unnecessary
garbage on top of the existing easy-to-figure-out evidence in order to
get their beloved Patsy off the murdering hook.

A curious hobby, to say the least. Wonder why so many kooks engage in
it daily?

>>> "[Oswald] was a 24-year-old man with an attractive wife. Maybe he just wanted to spend the night in bed with his wife." <<<

Which must be why he and Marina didn't go to bed together on the night
of November 21st, huh?

David Von Pein
December 2007