(PART 105)


Who said they had to be fired? The bullets found on the roofs could have been left by the shooters, right?


Thanks. Now I get to ridicule this "other bullets" theory from my first POV (which I later corrected, due to at least one of the bullets supposedly being found in a "mutilated" condition and another having been "embedded" in the roof's surface; I guess one of the shooters was Hercules, in that he was able to "embed" an UNFIRED bullet into the roof somehow; LOL).....

.....but now it appears that Rob apparently wants to actually believe that the plotters WOULD, indeed, have placed shooters some EIGHT BLOCKS and/or ONE-FOURTH OF A MILE from the Depository within an assassination plot where they are attempting to FRAME ONLY OSWALD IN THE DEPOSITORY.

Ya gotta love the idiocy of this plan -- the always-unnamed "They" are trying to frame that hapless sap named Oswald by putting a couple of shooters on top of buildings that aren't even located in DEALEY PLAZA at all! Lovely.

And then they evidently put yet another shooter on top of the Overpass ACROSS THE STREET FROM OSWALD ON THE COMMERCE SIDE OF MAIN STREET! (So this shooter's bullets, if they strike anyone in the limo, can never in a million years be traced back to Oswald's window.)

A gorgeous plot, huh? (If you WANT your "single patsy" plan to crumble to bits within two seconds of the shots ringing out, that is.)

And to think....people actually believe similar nonsense...Oliver Stone and his faithful following to name but a few thousand.

David Von Pein
December 29, 2007