(PART 109)


>>> "[Vincent] Bugliosi *NEVER* specifically addressed the 16 Smoking Guns, and even when he tangentially covered one of them, didn't refute any of them." <<<


Reasonable people who aren't bogged down in the conspiracy-infested
world of minutiae will realize that Ben's statement above is complete
bullshit. Mr. Bugliosi addressed every item on Fetzer's silly list.

Ben, as I knew would be the case, simply doesn't like the refutations
that Bugliosi provides. Gee, what a surprise....a kook thinks
something hasn't been addressed or dealt with fully enough to meet
his "kook requirements" (which can never be done in the first place if
you're a nutcase named Ben, which is something I've also said
previously as well).

BTW, there are many more "Reclaiming History" cites for most of those
specific "smoking" topics that I could have used as well. It's sometimes
difficult to locate every single thing about a specific sub-topic in VB's book,
because he repeats many things in various chapters, plus the 1,100+
pages of endnotes.

But, as anyone can plainly see, I proved Ben to be a liar via just the
Bugliosi quotes I culled in this post.

Ben was proven a liar in my post linked above because of what Ben said
on Aug. 22, 2007 --- "Bugliosi did *NOT* address the 16 smoking guns,
so there's no page number *to* cite."

Here's the funniest part of Ben's mindset as it relates to Vincent
Bugliosi's massive JFK book:

Mr. Holmes, for some reason, actually thinks that the meticulous and
ultra-thorough Vince Bugliosi took 20+ years to write his "magnum
opus" on the JFK asssassination (from an "LN" POV), and yet (oops!)
MAJOR PRO-CONSPIRACY ISSUES that are part of James H. Fetzer's
"16 Smoking Guns".

[LOL time.]

Now, that's not to say that some of Fetzer's "Guns" are really worthy
of very much attention at all....because a few of them are just downright
stupid, silly, and idiotic at first blush, and could be "knocked down" by
just blowing on them. Such as these items, which are laughable from
every POV (if you've studied this case for more than just one day, that is):

"Smoking Gun #3: The weapon, which was not even a rifle, could
not have fired the bullets that killed the president."

"Smoking Gun #8: Diagrams and photos of a brain in the National
Archives are of the brain of someone other than JFK."

"Smoking Gun #13: The motorcade route was changed at the last
minute and yet the assassination occurred on the part that had been

But Mr. Bugliosi DOES deal with every one of those items in
"Reclaiming History"....even the ridiculous ones that were disproved
and discredited long ago. That's what makes "RH" Vincent's "magnum
opus". It's as complete a book as you could possibly get when it comes
to the JFK assassination and its many conspiracy theories surrounding
the case.

But to hear Ben Holmes tell it, Bugliosi might as well have released a
book with 2,800 blank pages in it (or at least 2,700 blank ones at any
rate)....because Kook Ben doesn't seem to believe that VB has refuted
ANY of Fetzer's nonsense. NONE of it!

Then, too, what more could we expect from a mega-kook who "finds" a
JFK conspiracy everywhere he looks?

>>> "Indeed, simple denial was [Bugliosi's] most common theme." <<<

And many times a simple denial is more than enough to debunk some of
the bullshit being purported by you conspiracy-loving clowns.

Again, just because Ben doesn't like (or approve of) the way Vince
addressed the conspiracy claims doesn't mean that VB didn't address
them or refute them.

I think all reasonable people will agree that the things a rabid
conspiracy-happy kook demands and the things that a "reasonable"
person demands are two entirely different propositions.

>>> "Lurkers may think otherwise." <<<

I think most "reasonable" lurkers will be able to spot an empty vessel
(named Ben) when they see one.

Happy sailing (in your empty vessel).

David Von Pein
January 2008