(PART 98)


>>> "It is possible that the right-rear scalp (with loose shattered skull pieces still adhered to its underside) was pushed back into its proper position before the lateral x-rays were taken." <<<


Oh, sure....and this skull re-attachment took place with nary a hint
of any cracks or FRACTURE LINES showing up in this X-ray at the FAR-
RIGHT-REAR of JFK's head (which is the place where most of the
witnesses claimed there was a huge, gaping hole):

I see ONE curved "fracture line" extending a little bit toward the
right-rear of the head, which is obviously an extension of the longer
fracture line that can be seen at the center-rear portion of the
skull, which radiates, of course, from the only large HOLE in the
skull at all -- i.e., the hole in the right-front of the head.

How did Boswell, et al, manage to fool the X-ray machine and put back
multiple pieces of fractured skull onto JFK's head in such a smooth,
undetectable fashion, without the presence of multiple fracture lines
and cracks that would represent those pieces that were re-inserted
back onto the skull? How would such a thing be even remotely possible
given what we can see in that X-ray?

I don't care what Boswell told the ARRB in '96....he didn't replace
any skull fragments at the back of the head. He must have taken a
couple of senile pills before telling the ARRB such a ridiculous tale.
Because the more one gazes upon this X-ray, the more obvious it is
that JFK had just one good-sized hole in his head....and it was ONLY
at the RIGHT-FRONT of the head:

David Von Pein
December 23, 2007