(PART 111)


>>> "[A] photo [of the limo] shows Connally's jump seat DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF KENNEDY'S SEAT, exactly where CTers have been saying it was for the last 44 years. Unless Connally was sitting off of the jump seat (unlikely), there is NO WAY he could have been seated inboard of President Kennedy as the LNers have imagined." <<<


Gil is wrong (as per usual). The jump seats of SS-100-X were a few
inches inboard of the back seats. Dale Myers obtained the original
body draft from Hess & Eisenhardt prior to Dale's exacting computer
reconstruction of the shooting, and an animated picture of the limo
(based on the body draft) can be found on this webpage (showing the
inboard nature of the two jump seats).

And this photo taken of the motorcade on 11/22/63 definitely shows
Connally seated inboard of JFK's position:

Plus, there's the Warren Commission testimony of Thomas J. Kelley of
the Secret Service regarding the limousine's seating arrangement (WC
Volume 5; Page 132):

ARLEN SPECTER -- "On the President's car itself, what is the distance on the right edge of the right jump seat, that is to say from the right edge of the right jump seat to the door on the right side?"

THOMAS J. KELLEY -- "There is 6 inches of clearance between the jump seat and the door."

SPECTER -- "And what is the relative position of the jump seat to the rear seat on the Presidential automobile?"

KELLEY -- "There is 8-and-a-half inches between the back of the jump seat and the front of the back seat of the President's car, the rear seat."

SPECTER -- "And what is the relative height of the jump seat and the rear seat?"

KELLEY -- "The jump seat is 3 inches lower than the back seat in its bottom position. That is, the back seat of the President's car had a mechanism which would raise it 10-and-a-half inches. But at the time of the assassination, the seat was in its lowest position."


I guess Gil wants to believe that Thomas Kelley of the USSS was a
rotten liar too, just like the hundreds of other people who got
together to tell one dirty lie after another in wake of the
President's murder.

Plus, Gilbert's silly theory about a "bullet hole in rear seat" of the
limo is pure bullshit too (as proven by the WC testimony below):

ROBERT A. FRAZIER (FBI) -- "We examined the [limo's] rugs carefully for holes, for bullet furroughs, for fragments. We examined the nap of the rug, in the actual nap of the rug, for fragments and bullet holes. We pulled the rug back as far as we could turn it back and even tore the glue or adhesive material loose around the cracks at the edges of the rug so we could observe the cracks to see whether they had been enlarged, and we examined all of the upholstery covering, on the back of the front seat, on the doors, and in the rear seat compartment, the jump seats, the actual rear seat, the back of the rear seat, and we examined the front seat in a similar manner, and we found no bullet holes or other bullet impact areas, other than the one on the inside of the windshield and the dent inside the windshield chrome."


What's next from the "Anybody But Oswald" crowd? I can't wait. My
daily laugh is overdue.

David Von Pein
January 2008