(PART 107)


>>> "The Conspirators selected the luncheon site / motorcade
route." <<<


Which means, according to the conspiracy theorist named Gilbert who
wrote the nonsense quoted above, that Kenneth O'Donnell (President
Kennedy's very good friend and personal aide) was one of the MAIN
"conspirators", because it was Mr. O'Donnell, like it or not, who put the
final stamp of approval on the Trade Mart as the site for the November 22
Dallas luncheon (Warren Report, Page 31).

Governor Connally would also have to be considered pretty high up on
the "conspirator" list too, if Gil The Kook is to be believed, because
Connally was pushing hard for the Trade Mart as the luncheon location
in the weeks leading up to 11/22/63.

Does Gil really want to call both O'Donnell and Connally "conspirators"
in a plot to kill JFK in Dallas?

If not, did the real "conspirators" who, according to Gil, "selected
the luncheon site" (and, hence, in an indirect way would have selected
the motorcade route as well) just get extremely lucky when both John
Connally (a shooting victim himself on 11/22) and Ken O'Donnell just
happened to also want the luncheon to be held at the same place where
these unknown, unnamed "conspirators" wanted it to be held, so that
JFK would drive right in front of the building where the proverbial
"patsy" was located?

Anyway, I think it's fairly obvious that Gil is an idiot when it comes
to this completely unsupportable statement that he uttered --- "The
Conspirators selected the luncheon site / motorcade route."

>>> "The Conspirators removed the President's protection." <<<

I wonder if we can still include O'Donnell and Connally amongst "The
Conspirators" when it comes to this second goofball statement on Gil's
list of unsupportable feces?

Fact is, of course, that no "protection" was removed in Dallas. The
security measures taken by the DPD, in fact, were considered by many
people to be unprecedented in size and scope, with virtually every DPD
officer being on duty in some capacity in Dallas on November 22.

Henry Rybka's* "What's Up?" shoulder-shrugging incident at Love Field
has been propped up by some CTers as proof that JFK's motorcade was
lacking in essential security measures on 11/22.

This, of course, is ridiculous, because the Queen Mary SS follow-up
car was stuffed full with Secret Service agents even AFTER the arm-
flailing Rybka was left abandoned at the airport when the parade

Do CTers really think Rybka was planning on running alongside the car
for the entire drive to the Trade Mart? Or that he was planning on
riding the rear bumper of the limo during the Stemmons Freeway portion
of the drive to the Mart (which would surely involve speeds that would
make it undesirable to have agents riding on those back steps of the
car at such times)?

Point being -- It's my belief that Rybka was never assigned to the
FULL MOTORCADE at all. I think he was probably an extra agent who was
at Love Field for the purpose of providing additional SS security at
the airport ONLY, but not for the motorcade drive through Dallas.

This guess of mine becomes even more obvious when we take note of the
fact that the SS car that drove behind 100-X, even without Rybka's
presence there, was jam-packed with the maximum number of agents (8)
that would fit inside that car, including the maximum of 4 agents on
the running boards.

Unless CTers now want to say that Dave Powers and Kenny O'Donnell
were really not supposed to be riding in that SS car, and that there
really should have been ten SS agents in the Queen Mary on 11/22/63,
instead of only eight. Do CTers want to travel down that path now?

* = DECEMBER 2011 EDIT: The Secret Service agent doing the
shoulder-shrugging at Love Field is very likely Donald Lawton, not
Henry Rybka. More on that HERE.

>>> "The Conspirators arrested the patsy." <<<

So, now the kook has expanded the "conspirators" list considerably
from where it was after just Gil's first hunk of idiocy above, which
is an item that deals with the motorcade route and the luncheon site,
which are things that the DPD certainly wasn't directly responsible
for selecting at all.

But this "arrested the patsy" item certainly means that Gil wants to
point an accusing finger of conspiratorial guilt at the Dallas Police
Department directly, because it was the DPD, after all, who arrested
Lee Harvey Oswald in the Texas Theater.

Let's see how many hundreds more "conspirators" Gil will include in
the mix before he poops out. Should be amusing.

>>> "The Conspirators manufactured the "evidence"." <<<

With this item above, it would seem that the "conspirator" team that
Gil The Mega-Kook imagines existed in November 1963 now includes the
following individuals and organizations:

Ken O'Donnell, John Connally, the DPD, the Dallas Sheriff's Department,
the Secret Service, the FBI, the United States Postal Service (Harry D. Holmes
specifically), Klein's Sporting Goods, Inc. of Chicago, Illinois (William J.
Waldman specifically), Seaport-Traders, Inc. of Los Angeles, California
(Heinz W. Michaelis specifically), plus many other people who would have
had a hand in the "evidence" which currently exists in the official record
connected to the murder cases of both John F. Kennedy and J.D. Tippit.

To repeat the obvious -- Gil is an idiot.

>>> "The Conspirators killed the patsy." <<<

Goodie, another addition to the list of "Conspirators" -- we get to add
Jack Ruby's name to the ever-growing list of plotters/henchmen. Lovely.

Plus: you can bet your last greenback that Gilbert is implying here that
"The Mob" was directly behind the death of Oswald on 11/24/63. (Gil
wouldn't be worth a damn as an "Anybody But Oswald" conspiracy-loving
kook if he left the Mafia off of his list of plotters.)

So, with the Mob added into the mix too, we've now got still more
people involved in the assassination plot in '63. As Vince Bugliosi
once said: "Where did all of these conspirators get together to plot
the assassination -- Madison Square Garden?"

Pretty soon Gil will need the old Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to
house all of his "Conspirators". (The Coliseum can currently seat
92,516 people, so it MIGHT be barely large enough to hold all of Gil's
plotters....but I wouldn't bet on it.)

>>> "The Conspirators destroyed evidence." <<<

Since Gil The Nutcase won't actually NAME any of the "Conspirators" he
imagines existed in '63, I'll just have to do some surmising regarding
their identities.

This "destroyed evidence" item, at least in part (from Gil's screwy
POV, that is) probably refers to Dallas FBI agent James Hosty and
JFK's leading autopsy doctor, James Humes.

Hosty did, indeed, destroy a note that was apparently written by Lee
Oswald a few weeks prior to JFK's assassination....and Dr. Humes
definitely burned some of the original autopsy materials in his own
home fireplace (and he ADMITTED to having done so, which is a very

But, of course, the context in which Hosty and Humes destroyed those
items has been mangled and skewed (as usual) by the conspiracy

Hosty flushed Oswald's note down the toilet because he was ordered to
do so by his boss, Gordon Shanklin. And I think it's fairly obvious
that Shanklin's concerns at that time were to try to salvage some of
the Bureau's waning credibility, seeing as how the Dallas Bureau
(Hosty in particular) knew of Oswald's existence in Dallas prior to
the assassination.

In hindsight, destroying the Hosty note was a stupid and needless
thing to do. But it was done anyway. (Partly because Shanklin probably
didn't want the note to come to the attention of his hotheaded boss
named J. Edgar as well.)

Per CTers, the Hosty note probably contained some kind of message
connected with the upcoming assassination of the President. But
there's certainly no proof of that allegation whatsoever. CTers don't
care about the fact they have no proof about something though.

Conspiracy promoters will continue to believe that the note said
something about a plot to kill Kennedy, even though, per Hosty, the
note contained no such information. It was merely a message by Oswald
to Hosty personally, telling Hosty to keep away from Marina and to
stop badgering her (and him). [See video below.]

Humes burned the original draft of the autopsy report in his fireplace
simply because it was inaccurate in some respects.

In addition, Humes burned his original notes that he made during the
Bethesda autopsy itself. According to Dr. Humes, those notes were
stained with President Kennedy's blood. So for reasons of taste, Humes
elected to re-copy those notes on fresh paper and destroy the bloody

Via Humes' HSCA testimony:

MR. CORNWELL -- "The notes are no longer in existence; is that correct?"

DR. HUMES -- "The original notes which were stained with the blood of our late President, I felt, were inappropriate to retain to turn in to anyone in that condition. I felt that people with some peculiar ideas about the value of that type of material, they might fall into their hands. I sat down and word for word copied what I had on fresh paper."


Via Humes' Warren Commission testimony:

DR. HUMES -- "In privacy of my own home, early in the morning of Sunday, November 24th, I made a draft of this report which I later revised, and of which this represents the revision. That draft I personally burned in the fireplace of my recreation room."


To play the "in hindsight" game once again, it probably would have
been wise for Humes to have not burned anything in his fireplace that
November weekend. But, then too, Dr. Humes probably couldn't have
imagined in a thousand lifetimes that there would be kooks like
Gilbert Jesus (et al) who would actually be accusing Humes himself of
deliberately altering the official autopsy report of a deceased U.S.
President, and accusing the good doctor of telling one despicable lie
after another whenever he spoke of JFK's autopsy in the years that
followed 1963.

Unfortunately, however, conspiracy nuts like Gil Jesus do exist. So, we
can either ignore their idiotic ramblings or we can ridicule them and
make as much fun out of them as humanly possible. Most of the time
I choose the former option, but the latter choice is much more pleasant
and rewarding.

Of course, as we all know, Gil's "destroyed evidence" item goes way,
way beyond just Hosty and Humes (in Gil's mind, that is). Gil thinks
a whole bunch of additional stuff was also "destroyed" by his imagined
"Conspiracy Team" of thousands in a massive cover-up plot to keep the
real truth about the events of November '63 from being revealed.

But coming up with proof that ANYTHING was "destroyed" as part of a
conspiracy to cover up the true facts and circumstances surrounding
the murders of JFK and Officer Tippit is another matter altogether.
Because Gil-Kook can't supply us with a single stitch of that kind of
PROOF in order to back up his allegation that "The Conspirators
destroyed evidence".

But that won't stop Gil from believing it happened just the same.

>>> "The Conspirators altered testimony.
The Conspirators falsified investigative reports.
The Conspirators threatened witnesses.
The Conspirators obstructed justice.
The Conspirators ignored witnesses." <<<

The above items on Gil's "Imagined List Of Conspiratorial Fantasy"
would indicate that still MORE people (lots more) would have to be
added to the previously-mentioned laundry list of plotters and post-
November 22 cover-up operatives -- chiefly, of course, the entire
Warren Commission panel and the associated counsel and staff members
who worked in conjunction with the Commission.

So, let's now do a "Conspirators" update and see how long the list of
plotters is at this point (per Gil J. Jesus):

1.) Kenneth P. O'Donnell
2.) John B. Connally
3.) The Dallas Police Department
4.) The Dallas County Sheriff's Department
5.) The Secret Service
6.) The FBI
7.) Jack Ruby
8.) The Mob (Mafia)
9.) Harry Holmes
10.) William Waldman
11.) Heinz Michaelis
12.) James Humes
13.) Earl Warren
14.) Hale Boggs
15.) Gerald Ford
16.) John McCloy
17.) Allen Dulles
18.) Richard Russell
19.) John Cooper
20.) J. Lee Rankin
21.) David Belin
22.) Arlen Specter
23.) Joseph Ball
24.) Mel Eisenberg
25.) Burt Griffin
26.) Wesley Liebeler
27.) William Coleman
28.) Albert Jenner
29.) Norman Redlich
30.) W. David Slawson
31.) Leon Hubert
32.) Howard Willens
33.) Francis Adams
34.) Samuel Stern

Plus: Various additional Warren Commission staff members too.

In addition, I'm sure I could add the names of J. Thornton Boswell and
Pierre A. Finck to the above list of plotters too. There's no sense in
letting those two autopsists off the hook....right Gilbert?

Plus: I'm pretty sure that I could also add the names of many
different members of the HSCA to Gil's list of likely "Conspirators"
too; plus some ARRB members as well. Plus the four doctors who served
on the Clark Panel.

I'm guessing that Gil feels that NOBODY is to be considered "off limits"
or excluded when it comes to potential underhanded evil-doers with
respect to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Looks like maybe it'll be "Standing Room Only" at the L.A. Coliseum
after all.

>>> "The result? 26 volumes of LIES paid for by the American
taxpayer." <<<

And the result of Gil Jesus' wholly-unsupportable "The Conspirators
Did This And Did That" forum post? ---

Gil Jesus is an idiot.

That's about the only definitive result I can think of after reading
through Gilbert's speculation-filled post anyway.

David Von Pein
January 2008