(PART 101)


>>> "I know which call he [Rich DellaRosa] is talking about." <<<


So do I. And he quoted Russell and LBJ incorrectly...and definitely
out of context.

>>> "Russell said he didn't believe it and Johnson said he didn't
either." <<<

Right. They're talking about the Single-Bullet Theory there. They are
certainly NOT discussing whether Lee Harvey Oswald was or was not
the sole assassin.

>>> "You claimed Rich was wrong and this was not to the overall conclusion of the WC, but rather the SBT only. Without the SBT you have NO WC conclusion." <<<

At that point in time (Sep. '64), before the WCR even came out, LBJ
certainly hadn't looked deeply into the case, and he could most
certainly have been of the opinion that even without the SBT Oswald
could have been the lone assassin. If you listen to the whole 9/18/64
call [below], it's obvious that BOTH men feel this way at that point in time.

I'll replay this hunk of Rob idiocy --- "Without the SBT you have
NO WC conclusion"
--- which is total bullshit. The WC was NOT
boxing itself in to accepting the SBT at all costs (due to James Tague's

How do we know they weren't boxed in? Because of Page #117, where it
states in B&W that the WC was readily acknowledging the possibility
that Tague's injury could have very well been caused by a fragment
from the HEAD SHOT.

Therefore, via that "Tague Possibly Wounded By Head-Shot Fragment"
scenario, the SBT is not a MANDATORY conclusion to reach to still
arrive at the "LHO Alone" final conclusion.

Better read page 117 a few times, Rob. It'll do you good (maybe).

>>> "You messed up." <<<

No I didn't. But if you want to think I did, it'll be perfectly
consistent with your current .000 CT Batting Average; i.e., you never
get anything right, no matter what the subject matter is.

>>> "I want your boss' name to complain..." <<<

I'd like to hear from your bosses too, Rob. But Moe and Curly have
both passed away. So, it appears I'm out of luck there.

>>> "They are one in the same, Dave. The fact that you can't get that is scary." <<<

Then you'd better go back and read page #117 of the WCR again, Rob.
Obviously, the significance of that page has failed to sink in.


To repeat -- I, myself, DO think that the SBT is mandatory in order
for Lee Oswald to be the lone assassin of JFK. But the Warren
Commission's collective opinion was NOT as strict and restrictive as
my own on the SBT matter....and Page 117 of the WR proves that fact.

David Von Pein
December 2007