(PART 102)


>>> "Saying it refers to the SBT only doesn't help you in the
least bit." <<<


Russell and Johnson WERE referring only to the SBT. That's obvious,
idiot. They weren't saying it was a conspiracy. They were merely
expressing their (incorrect) opinions that the SBT was wrong.

>>> "And neither believe it [the SBT], and neither would." <<<

And they were both dead-wrong in that anti-SBT belief.

>>> "LBJ admitted there was a conspiracy before he died." <<<

Which just goes to show that LBJ certainly wasn't "involved" in any
way whatsoever with JFK's murder (which is what many, many CTers
firmly believe to this day).

For, if he had been "involved" in some kind of plot, do you think we
would have ever heard LBJ speaking out in FAVOR of a conspiracy (ANY
type of conspiracy) prior to his death in January 1973?

>>> "Russell just spent 10 months in this nightmare, are you telling me he had no idea whether it was just LHO or not?" <<<

Russell was a goof. He attended only 6 witness testimony sessions. See
my earlier comments about him. Yes, I admit, they are only MY personal
opinions about the Senator. And, no, I know (knew) nothing about the
man personally. It's just an impression I get from listening to him.
And, somewhat amazingly, Vincent Bugliosi must get some of those same
impressions from him as well.

>>> "You're kidding yourself and all the readers, he was very vocal about not believing the WC's conclusion. His friendship with LBJ is probably the only reason he did not have an "accident"." <<<

Why wasn't LBJ himself bumped off after his comments to Walter
Cronkite about possible conspiracy in 1969, btw?

>>> "Why do you think they invented it [the SBT] in the first place?" <<<

It was postulated by the WC because it's the truth. Simple as that. No
other scenario comes close to the SBT when it comes to explaining the
wounds, the ballistics eveidence connected with the wounds, and the
LACK of injuries and bullets that SHOULD BE THERE if the SBT is wrong.

Why CTers stubbornly refuse to accept that fact can only make a sane
person sigh (deeply).

>>> "The path of impact does not line-up. .... The shot from the eastern window would have hit 22 feet to the right of Tague." <<<

The shot obviously was deflected by something. Idiot.

>>> "You are sinking deeper and deeper. You have nothing." <<<

I love it when a CT-Kook continually tells LNers that they've got
"nothing". That's like telling Dolly Parton she's got "nothing" in the
area of her chest.

>>> "I'm not into fantasy stories and what ifs. I like proof." <<<

~Large Hunk Of Laughter~

Oh, brother. You conspiracy-happy kooks live off of "what ifs". That's
all you've got, in fact. You certainly have no bullets, guns, or

>>> "Dave messed up. Dave messed up. He knows his pathetic case is a goner without the fantasy SBT scenario." <<<

I've readily admitted (for years) that I believe the "LN/LHO" case
goes down the drain without the SBT. Vince Bugliosi has also said the
same thing.

But the fact is: The SBT is the truth. Any alternate scenario involves
scads of unbelievable SBT-like coincidences and disappearing bullets.
Common sense ALONE makes the SBT true. And when other stuff is
piled on top of the common sense, the SBT becomes rooted in fact.

Plus: Anyone watching this documentary who still ends up thinking
the Single-Bullet Theory is impossible is a person who just flat-out
WANTS a conspiracy.

>>> "Your tax dollars aren't going to me though. I want better for my hard-earned tax money. I want a DVP who doesn't mess up." <<<

Why would it matter to a kook like you what is said by ANY LNer? You
think I "mess up" with every "pro-LN" (CS&L-filled) comment I make.

>>> "I thought you used the head fragment for the dent in the chrome already?" <<<

I did. And the other half of CE567/569 cracked the windshield.
That's fairly obvious. However, an additional fragment could have
possibly left the limo and made it over to Main Street.

Many people favor that theory, in fact. I don't though. I think Tague
was struck by Oswald's first (deflected) shot.

David Von Pein
December 2007