New collage of George HW Bush; it's him. View it and weep. It can't not be him. This collage [shown below] really does serve as a litmus test: If you can't admit that that is George HW Bush on both sides of the collage, you are a liar; you are a Kennedy-killer; and you [are] a pawn of the fascist state and doing its bidding.


Yeah, right, Ralph. ~eyeroll~

And we're supposed to believe that George H.W. Bush was involved in some way in JFK's murder (as you undoubtedly believe, or else you wouldn't have started this discussion in the first place), and then Bush just decided to hang around the entrance of the Book Depository for a while so that he could be photographed by the many cameramen who flooded the area immediately after the assassination -- an assassination that Bush himself was a part of.

Brilliant guy, that Mr. Bush.

This is similar in nature to the theory that has a sniper just hanging around the Sniper's Nest on the sixth floor of the Book Depository for five or ten minutes after the shooting in order to make sure he too had a good chance of being seen and/or photographed by the various witnesses on the street below.

And this topic also brings to mind the preposterous and suicidal theory that a lot of conspiracists seem to place their complete faith in -- the theory that has a group of unnamed assassins and behind-the-scenes conspirators attempting to frame (in advance!) a man named Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder of John F. Kennedy, even though those same assassins and conspirators allegedly shot the President from both the front and the rear.

How anyone can even begin to believe in such a prearranged One Patsy / Multiple Gunmen assassination scenario is beyond me. (Let alone believing that such a plan actually succeeded in Dallas on 11/22/63.)

When evaluating things like this, why is it that no conspiracy theorists ever bother to ask themselves this logical question:


I wonder if Ralph Cinque ever even asked himself that question before rushing to his computer to post this message on an Internet newsgroup on July 3, 2013? I doubt that he did.

Moreover, why would George HW Bush even be in Dealey Plaza at all on November 22, 1963?

Since no conspiracy theorist I've ever encountered believes that Bush himself was firing a gun at President Kennedy, then what possible pressing and urgent need would there have been for George Bush to have been anywhere near Dealey Plaza on November 22nd--even if he had been part of some conspiracy plot to kill the President?

To take this logical point one step further -- if George H.W. Bush had really had a hand in planning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, then the very last place on this Earth he would want to be when the murder occurred is Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

That's food for conspiracy thought. Don't you think?

BTW/FYI -- The person on the right-hand side in the photograph shown above is definitely not George H.W. Bush, as this much clearer copy of the photo, provided by researcher Robin Unger, clearly illustrates (click to enlarge the picture):

Below is a composite that I put together, with the real George H.W. Bush on the left, with the center picture being the clear version of the man that a lot of conspiracy crackpots are absolutely positive is Mr. Bush, and the fuzzy/crappy version of that same man on the right:

And here's another direct comparison below, proving that the conspiracy theorists who continue to say that the man on the left is George Bush don't have a leg (or a bush) to stand on:

David Von Pein
July 4, 2013




It's become a standard factoid that George H.W. Bush "could not remember where he was when he heard that John Kennedy had been shot." .... This needs to go in the "silly factoid" file.


One of the many new books coming out this year [2013] on the JFK assassination is one by Jodie Elliott Hansen called "November 22, 1963: Ordinary And Extraordinary People Recall Their Reactions When They Heard The News".

And on the back cover of that book is a signed letter written to Mrs. Hansen by George H.W. Bush in August of 1979. In that letter, Bush recalls quite well where he was when JFK was shot. Quoting Bush from the letter: "I was in Tyler, Texas on November 22, 1963 to give a political speech."

Here's a picture of the letter as it appears on the back cover of Jodie Hansen's 2013 book:

David Von Pein
October 23, 2013