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Mr. David Von Pein/aka David Von "Pinhead"...has just been awarded my "Bonehead of the Year" award.

As most here are no doubt aware, Mr. Von Pein/(Pinhead) loudly expouses [sic] the Warren Commission...as being the facts and truths in the assassination of JFK. That alone most certainly places one in the "Finals" for the Bonehead Award.


Like with all kooks who believe in stuff that never happened (and never could have possibly happened), it doesn't matter how many times a rational person responds to Tom Purvis' "2 Head Shots From Behind" idiocy, the kook will continue to believe what he wants to believe (as always).

Thomas H. Purvis thinks that Oswald was, indeed, the lone shooter...but, like Mark Fuhrman, he's put a nifty little twist on the evidence. Purvis thinks that there were TWO head shots, instead of just one.

And even though he believes Oswald WAS shooting with Rifle C2766, Purvis also is of the opinion that there could be "up to 50" Carcano rifles with that exact same serial number on them (even though not ONE other such rifle has surfaced in 45 years).

And Purvis' nonsense that he started yesterday [12/28/2008] on the Education Forum regarding the Secret Service film I posted at YouTube is a real howl, with Purvis actually thinking that the person in the film who is placing the "cones" (pylons) in the street to mark the locations where the SS thought the shots had occurred along Elm Street placed the "Shot #2" pylon/cone at a point which represents Z-Frame 313.

But as anyone who doesn't have a ridiculous theory to peddle can easily see, it's the "Shot #3" cone that is being placed very close to a "Z313" position in the street. Whereas the cone representing the second shot is placed much too far EAST along Elm St. to qualify as a "Z313" shot/cone. Skip to the 10:30 mark in this video:

Purvis, btw, thinks that there was a second "head shot" AFTER Z313. And he bases that idiotic theory on the testimony of Emmett Hudson and Jim Altgens, plus the Secret Service "plat maps", which Purvis loves to study in great detail.

Apparently the testimony of a couple of witnesses and the SS plat maps are supposed to suddenly make a SECOND entry hole appear in John Kennedy's head.


David Von Pein
December 29, 2008



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