(PART 406)


What did Oswald bring to work in that package the morning of the fateful day, if not his rifle? If it was curtain rods, as he'd claimed, then how come no curtain rods were found at the site of the assassination?


Another related question to ask conspiracy theorists regarding Lee Harvey Oswald's "curtain rod" story is this (which is almost always overlooked by everyone):

If Lee Oswald, as Marina Oswald testified, was very anxious for Marina to move back in with him in Dallas (so anxious, in fact, that Marina testified that Lee, on 11/21/63, had offered to go look for an apartment in Dallas "tomorrow"), then why in the world would Lee have had any need or desire to install some new curtain rods in his tiny room on Beckley Avenue in Oak Cliff?

In other words, since it's quite obvious that Lee Oswald was not planning on staying at the Beckley roominghouse for very much longer at all (we can be fairly confident of this fact, due to Lee telling Marina on 11/21/63 that he was willing to rent a different apartment "tomorrow"), why would he have wanted to supply his Beckley room with new curtain rods, when he probably had every intention of vacating that roominghouse as early as "tomorrow" (11/22/63)?

Food for "curtain rod" thought anyway. Isn't it?

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David Von Pein
December 26, 2008