(PART 397)

Jim DiEugenio gets so many things wrong, it's pathetic. He actually thinks the large exit wound at the right-front of JFK's head (as seen via the Zapruder Film) is the "impact" point for a bullet that entered JFK's head from the front.

I.E., Jim D. actually had the guts to blurt out the following hunk of nonsense on Black Op Radio on November 27th, 2008:

"The only part of the head that looks like it's being impacted is the front."

Jim apparently thinks that bullet entry wounds are normally huge and blown out....instead of exit wounds producing the bigger holes.

Can ANYTHING be more inane than the above DiEugenio remark regarding JFK's large head wound? If so (other than shouting "Greer did it!"), please inform me what it is.

David Von Pein
December 14, 2008