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If one follows these discussions back for the last several years, what DVP does for the various medical evidence aspects is periodically parrot as a broken record his same debate lines, each time with the (feigned?) zeal of it being a first time 'gotcha' ace.

For example, I checked/confirmed that several times now in the past DVP has linked to a darkened version of the color BOH photo and challenged Canal "so Mr. Canal, just what is that red spot on the cowlick if you don't think it is the entry point?"

Each time, Canal has replied to DVP that DVP has wrongly quoted Canal, that actually Canal AGREES that the red spot is the entry point, and each time Canal reminds DVP that DVP already posed that question and Canal has already described to that Canal DOES AGREE. Yet, this week, DVP did it AGAIN ... he posed exactly the SAME 'gotcha' question to Canal AGAIN --- with no acknowledgement that he ever previously asked it and was previously corrected by Canal that Canal agrees with him that it is the entry point!


I sure don't see how John Canal can possibly think that the red spot on JFK's head (which is certainly located at the "cowlick" area) is the entry wound, when the same Mr. Canal has insisted that the entry wound was much lower on JFK's head...not HIGH on the head near the cowlick.

And I cannot really see how the LOOSENESS of JFK's scalp can be used as an explanation for a LOW wound to appear as a HIGH/COWLICK one in this autopsy photo:

Because even with some small amount of scalp displacement at the time when John Stringer took the above photograph, the COWLICK is still the COWLICK (right?) -- i.e., the red spot (the bullet hole) is STILL in the exact area of the COWLICK, even on a slightly DISPLACED scalp. Therefore, the entry hole IS at the "COWLICK" area of John Kennedy's head. Period.

For John Canal to look at the above autopsy photograph and come away with the following two conclusions (in tandem with one another) is simply something that I can't figure out for the life of me:

1.) The red spot in the autopsy photo does, indeed, represent the entry hole for the bullet that hit JFK in the head.


2.) The entry hole in the back of JFK's head was located LOW on the head ("near the EOP"), and was not located where the HSCA determined the entry wound was actually located, which was at the cowlick area of the head.

"The replications of F8 by myself, Sturdivan, Hunt, and Seaton scientifically prove the entry was near the EOP. .... If the entry had been in the cowlick, when F8 was taken, the entire entry would have been on the table with the pieces of bone that fell out." -- John Canal; November 30, 2008

I guess only John Canal (and possibly a few others) can see how the above two conclusions can co-exist in perfect harmony when discussing the location of the entry wound in the back of John F. Kennedy's head.


David Von Pein
January 7, 2009

"Red Spot" Addendum:

John Canal,

If I've repeated myself numerous times (as your "anonymous lurker" suggests I have), I apologize for that. But I honestly cannot recall having discussed the "red spot" topic in the past in our forum exchanges. We normally are talking about the "Large BOH" matter.

In fact, I've searched through my own saved archived posts (which I link to my JFK Blog), and I could not find any post where we discussed the "red spot" at all. (Now, there might very well be some posts of this nature dating back a couple of years, but my search tonight revealed none that I have saved for placement on my blog.)

If you (or your e-mail "lurker") could point me to some of those pre-2009 "red spot" posts, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to see how those threads played themselves out -- because, honestly, I simply cannot recall them.

I guess my memory could be failing me. But, gee, I'm only 47! Heaven help me when I'm Mr. Canal's age! (Sorry, John. I couldn't resist. No offense.) ;)

David Von Pein
January 7, 2009