(PART 409)


People once knew for a "fact" that the earth was flat and that it was also the center of the universe.

Fortunately, those persons who are willing to accept new knowledge, left those behind who continued to repeat things as if fact, which could not be proven to be.

A factual analysis, based on all of the eyewitness testimonies as well as the physical evidence, certainly would seem to indicate that the shooter (who was most probably LHO, but can not be proven as absolute fact), shot three times.


Mr. Purvis,

Do you believe the Single-Bullet Theory is true? (I forget whether you do or not.)

If you do believe it, you've got a big problem with respect to Governor Connally's testimony ("The first shot did not hit me").

And if you want to think that a fragment from one of your two head shots hit Connally (instead of CE399), then your problems are even bigger....because of the existence of a whole bullet called CE399 being found on Connally's stretcher at Parkland.

Notice, though, how a scenario which includes a "missed" shot from Oswald's gun fits in like a perfect-fitting glove when the totality of everything is assessed.

And such a "3 SHOTS, WITH 1 MISS" scenario not only fits perfectly with the medical evidence in the case, but it also fits beautifully with what we find on the Zapruder Film....and it fits perfectly with regards to the one and only whole bullet that is connected with this case (CE399)....and it fits perfectly with respect to John Connally's never-wavering testimony about how he heard the first shot, but was definitely not hit by it, then he was hit with Shot #2, and then he was covered with JFK's brains after Shot #3.

But Mr. Purvis has an even bigger problem than trying to shoehorn his crazy "2 Head Shots" theory into something called reality (and the true evidence in the case).....and that much-bigger problem is when it comes time to satisfactorily answering the following question (and it's a question that Purvis can never answer satisfactorily, because there IS no satisfactory or logical answer to it). That question is this one:

If Tom Purvis' scenario is correct, then WHY on this green Earth of ours would the autopsy doctors and the Warren Commission and (later) the House Select Committee have had ANY desire whatsoever to want to start covering up that true scenario?

In other words --- Why would the Government (et al) think it was important to have America believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK via a three-shot shooting scenario that included one MAKE-BELIEVE MISSED SHOT....vs. having America believe the REAL TRUTH (per Purvis), which still has Oswald doing the shooting all by himself, but with all three of his shots hitting somebody in the limousine?

Can't even Mr. Purvis see how totally idiotic it would have been for the U.S. Government (et al) to play such a silly game regarding the shooting of the President? Especially when EITHER option takes us right back to the very same bottom-line conclusion -- OSWALD DID IT ALL ALONE WITH THREE SHOTS FROM THE DEPOSITORY.

I'll repeat a comment I made earlier (I think it fits in here nicely too):

"There aren't two separate entry holes in the back of JFK's head, and even Purvis knows this. But he'll pretend he doesn't know it, because he wants to pull a Fuhrman and be "different", while at the same time remain an LNer.

People like Fuhrman and Purvis The Kook have me stumped -- i.e., they get to within shouting distance of accepting the obvious truth about the assassination, but they just can't quite cross that line in the sand marked "WC".

Instead, they'd rather "think outside the box" and start inventing theories that the hard evidence simply does not support and that nobody else on Earth believes (including the many, many people who were assigned the task of investigating the case for the WC and HSCA)."
-- DVP; 12/29/08

David Von Pein
December 30, 2008